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Purple Pollen

, Frome, United Kingdom
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Skin and body care awareness for those lovin the skin they are in.  Ethically & sustainably sourced, fair-trade & organic ingredients. NO nasties.  THE WHY: Purple Pollen was born from a desire to create natural skin care products which have as little toxic impact on our earth and our own skin and body as possible. Because we strive for something wholesome, none of the products prepared by Purple Pollen contain parabens, SLES, artificial colours, animal properties or artificial fragrances and our bottles are all made from glass so the plastic impact is minimal.

The SOURCING: Our policy on purchasing raw materials in order to create products, is based on an holistic perspective which takes into account the environment and people. We only purchase raw materials from suppliers who constantly monitor the market, ensuring we are continually realigning ourselves with buying into ethically and sustainably sourced and fair-trade ingredients. Our raw material suppliers work with traditional communities, modern community projects or co-operatives, and our suppliers and producers have begun the process of aligning themselves to the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). These demands encourage and reward growers, suppliers and producers to be more ecologically aware, use organic and co-operative/community principles in their production and to ask for a fair deal when selling their produce. We hope this in turn will affect the cosmetics market and therefore consumers' awareness and demand for such products.

The raw materials that come from overseas produce a carbon footprint. This is a difficult one to overcome as a good percentage of our ingredients need a sunny climate. The ingredients which are international are mostly shipped to the UK in bulk, keeping the carbon footprint down as much as possible. We feel that purchasing raw materials from communities and co-operatives helps to offset the imbalance of the emissions whilst we continue to look for more ecological local options.

The GLASS and PLASTICS: We are desperately aware of the plastic seas and the devastating effects it has on nature, habitats and landfill so most of our products come in glass jars and bottles. These are recyclable and if you live locally, you can always return the bottles and jars to me or a local outlet. Unfortunately, our spritzers and lids are still plastic. We are looking for ways to remedy this without jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

The FREEDOM: All our products are free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances, SLES and animal sources (eg: gelatine, collagen, animal-based emulsifiers). The raw materials used in our products are not tested on animals, and neither are our products. We only use synthetically produced materials where the natural equivalent cannot be naturally produced and these are not harmful to you or our planet. With the exception of beeswax, our products are suitable for vegans.

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We'll be up Catherine Hill in the usual spot selling ethical skin care goodies from our purple pram.

One of our pet hates. There's no excuse why we can't use biodegradable packaging.

Right now over in Coca Cola''s global HQ in Atlanta, their team are working hard to finalise the details of a new sustainability plan. This is the perfect opportunity to show Coca-Cola's executives how many of us want them to take action on their plastic pollution. Please sign the petition. If we can change the way this leading conglomerate operates then it will have a spin-off on other companies... and those that make the plastics will have to find an alternative, such as biodegradable plastic that can actually feed our sea life rather than destroy it.…/blue-planet-2-how-plastic-is-slowly-…

Lovin these guys!

Get sudsy with some ethical and organic soap, great little stocking fillers!

Love this idea!

To ensure your trip to the FIM is stress free!

Fabulous Christmas Market that never disappoints. Treat a loved one to some locally made, top quality products this Christmas. Our products are Paraben free, Sulphate free, toxin free, petrochemical free, artificial fragrance free and cruelty free and are suitable for vegans. By supporting us you are buying into a much bigger picture - supporting fair trade, cooperatives globally and locally; you are not buying into deforestation and loss of habitat for species and humans alike and reducing your plastic footprint. Our products are botanical and wholesome with prices and ethics that really don’t cost the Earth. You can't miss us, we're selling from a purple pram up Catherine Hill.

Available at the Makers Market, Cheese and Grain Frome, Saturday 24th November, 10-3