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Tulsi Yog Shala

Reidhaven Crescent, Findochty, United Kingdom
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We specialise in teaching Hatha Yoga, but we are also qualified to teach Ashtanga Yoga. Our aim is to bring Peace, Harmony and Strength to your life.


Oh Mr. Mind....

Namaste 🙏🙏 ...see you all tomorrow evening for some Hatha Yoga. Drop-in session for all abilities/ages/sizes/genders...whats stopping you? OM

Happy Saturday Yogis, may you have a beautiful day. 😌🦋🌸🌺💕🌿🕉✨🙏🏼🌈❤️😌

Contemplate this... You have a patch of land outside with soil and grass, or just soil. Think of the potential of that land; what you could do with it to better your quality of life. You could go about your daily busy life, ignoring the potential that is staring you in the face. It could be a beautiful, colourful garden with an abundance of plants; herbs; vegetables. You feel inspired, and take some time to develop something; you start the process of cultivating your own self sufficient garden. Everything is prepared and ready; now you are waiting for the fruits of your hard work to appear.... ...When they do appear, they are more tasty than any other vegetable/fruit/herb you have bought in a supermarket. So delicious. But your work isn't over; you have to maintain your garden, to continue to harvest the goods that it willingly produces for you. You maintain the garden; it's hard work, and some days the thought of going outside to check on the progress of your little patch is a hard task. However, you continue to do so, because each harvest you are reminded WHY you continue to maintain the garden. The benefits and the rewards are worth the consistent hard work and dedication you apply everyday. Now, think in terms of your practice. It's not easy; some days we don't want to practice - we feel bogged down and demotivated. Once we step on the mat, and begin to breathe...we are reminded WHY we do practice. Mind tells no...just stay in don't need to don't want to practice. Body says, I want to practice, I NEED to practice. We are being kind to our bodies when we do yoga, so tell the mind to be quiet...silence the mind with the breath. Continue everyday to work towards your own personal goal; maybe it's to be more flexible; more calm; stronger physically and mentally; whatever your goal, we can achieve it by working hard consistently...and then we are rewarded. We harvest the fruits of our labor...and don't they taste devine!!! Happy Tuesday Yogis 😉💚🌸🌺🙏🏼🌲🌱🌿✨☺️🕉🕉🌊🌈🦋🕷🐛

Namaste Morning Hatha class to start your day the right way. I hope to see new faces. I also have a class Friday morning at portessie. Remember a mat and blanket!! 📍THIS IS LAST WEEK OF FREE FIRST CLASS DEAL 📍 See you there 😘🙏🏼🕉🤗 OM

Namaste Friday evening classes are available from 4:30-6:00pm for those who can't manage the morning class. Come along, bring a mat and blanket! I look forward to seeing you!! OM

Who's coming this Friday?

Namaste All... Come along for a morning class if you can't make the evening class. Remember a mat and blanket!! Doors close at 9:00am I hope to see some new faces!

Namaste Hatha Yoga for all abilities, genders, ages, sizes. All you need is a mat and a blanket!! Classes include - Asana (stable and comfortable holding postures) Pranayama (expansion of the dimensions of pranic energy) Mantra Chanting (Positive Energy Vibrations) Contact Caitlin Loughrie for more information, or come along to try one class for free. OM

Welcome to our business page. Here we will post updates on our classes, photos and general information which might be useful to you.


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