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woodbine drive, Eyemouth, United Kingdom
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Ultra reliable taxi service, covering EYEMOUTH & immediate area will never bump you for another job no matter the size of job, will always turn up when we say we will
cars are always clean and ODOUR free!
Jobs can be booked for any time day or night when sufficient notice given
Can organise bigger vehicles on request
The price you are quoted will be the price you pay, no sudden increases
We go to great lengths to ensure everything is 100% legal and above board
We will not always be the cheapest, but remember cheapest is not always the best, a great example: a lady was going to catch a train out of Berwick to start off on her cruise holiday on the Saturday morning, so this lady shopped around, the firm she decided to use was exactly £6.50 cheaper than we were for this particular route, however the taxi she had booked to this day still never turned up, so she nearly wasted a £2000 cruising holiday for the sake of £6.50 (she did get there as i took her to Newcastle to catch another train that would eventually meet her original train somewhere around Birmingham.... Moral of the story is ONE GETS EXACTLY WHAT ONE PAYS FOR.


Any sports teams around need regular transport to away games, quite happy to come to some kind of arrangement

For the likes of airport or sporting events, probably better to book well in advance... sometimes sending a message is better for us as all the information is there and it is something we can do when out from behind the wheel. Click the link below to get in touch! Thanks

Weekend upon us again, 5 weeks to Christmas. It's getting a bit mad. Going on customer reports from other firms it would appear customer service is non existent & they don't like reviews being left. Can't improve if you don't know what the issue is. Oh and another wee point, if we quote a price that is what you pay, nothing extra will be added.

Christmas filling up really fast, get in touch if you need transported to a night out etc, working christmas day by pre bookings only. Anyone wants advice or the truth about christmas period fares please feel free to PM me, i will fill you in with the correct fares etc. Want nothing from people looking for advice, just hate to think of people being charged extortionate fares, i.e. £45 Eyemouth to Berwick Christmas eve! when the correct fare should be £25. ******* Higher rates begin 1800 on Christmas ever through until 0600 on the 28th December. ****** Again, New Year's eve 1800 through until 0600 on the 3rd January. DON'T get ripped off

Weekend driver required, must have no more than 6 points, over 25 years old and willing to undergo police checks. PM for details

Don't pay coach company prices for proper minibus trips when you can pay taxi rates.

New squad, 4 to 15 passengers

16 seat minibus arrives tomorrow... time to up the stakes against the part timers (finance by the scabs) up the road. once again if my 8 seater not good enough then neither is my 16

Part time PSV driver required, must hold drivers CPC . Pm me for details

Post this every year but worth knowing! dont get ripped off over Christmas, the official rate for Christmas periods is 1.5 times the normal fare. If booking in advance negotiate price first. A certain operator in Eyemouth was charging £45 one way to Berwick for 4 passengers last year so be aware

Christmas dates getting mental busy already.. don't rely on certain firms who don't even show up! (Google some reviews of "cheap Berwick taxis, hehe"opens Ur eyes)