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S C Engineering

Thwaite road, Eye, United Kingdom
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I'm an Airgun manufacturer, also doing CNC machining along side my general engineering.  S C Engineering is a family run business, founded in 1962, and serves to produce high quality tools for the tradesman. All are products are manufactured in Suffolk by us at  S C Engineering so our prices are much cheaper than the rest of the competition.



Anyone on my Facebook who new my dad Peter Cornish and don't know that he has died. He's funeral is on the 9th of August 3.00 o'clock at Bradfield st George church. I will still be doing all the gun stuff which will be strange without him 😞

New defender bonnet hinge to standard length. Should be something like this

Started on bonnets hinges for defender these are abit shorter than standard by 3mm by mistake but the fit really well. So don't know weather to keep with it or make to standard length.

Defender front window blocks anodised black

New landrover defender front window blocks. Just need to anodise them now

New defender rear door hinges finally finished

Front defender window blocks. Defender logo or sc engineering logo.

logo put into drawing on top landrover hinge and just messing with colours. No idea what colour to do my hinges but i may well do 2 different colours like in picture. Also other picture show alignment so door opens nicely.

Defender rear door design. What's your thoughts. They have a 10mm pivot pin so should be strong. Wanted to keep them looking much the same as my front door hinges I make. They will be greaseable to. Now 3D printing them so if all is good

Defender door hinges test anodising.

Working on new gun been designing this stock. Still got to make adjustable butt pad. The wood needs treating next to make it look better


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