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Don't Let Dunstable Die

Ashton Square Business Centre 22 Ashton Square, Dunstable, United Kingdom
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Don't Let Dunstable Die established in 2009  to help raise the profile of our home town of Dunstable. Giving the community a voice
We led others follow.   Long Live Dunstable (Don't Let Dunstable Die) was established in 2009 by two women to help raise the profile of our Historic town of Dunstable and to keep the supporting public informed as to what is happening as best we can. We have no businesses in Dunstable or political agendas just a passion to see our town great again. Thank you for your continued support.

"Tell your friends and spread the word, Dunstable must be heard. Long Live Dunstable can't be wrong,The supporters are growing forever strong. We believe in Dunstable and the support that you give, So let's all make Dunstable, the best place to live! LONG LIVE DUNSTABLE!"



Another beautiful day in Dunstable have a great Friday. 🌞🌞

This Sunday Sharon K husband will be running 9th London marathon to raise money for The Royal Veterinary College, in memory of their dog Charlie. If you would to support them in raising funds. Please read their story below.

Event happening this evening at Queensbury Academy.

This is great advice, it has be most helpful for DLDD.

Picture credit to Steve Foster thank you for sharing such a wonderful picture.

It is a beautiful Thursday in Dunstable. 🌞🌞

Livestock Worrying advice for dog owners.

Good morning Dunstable. You can check the latest weather for Dunstable on the Met Office website We hope you all have a great Thursday :-)


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