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We are a family run business aiming to get any jobs around your property done in a handy and efficient way at very reasonable prices.  


To all our customers of 2016 and past years Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes. Over the Christmas and New Year Holidays we are unavailable for general maintenance as we all deserve a break this time of year. But as we do every year we will be available for emergency call outs, we carry most equipment and spares to be able to quick fix most major faults or emergency issues with your property and if this happens please give us a call on 07752499855 where we will help you. Please be aware we do have a call out fee of £50 during the holidays. If we can give advice on stopping or fixing a major issue by phone we will not charge for this. But we hope you all have a great christmas and new year. Thank you from all at the Bits N' Pieces Team.

Here's a wee collection of some of our exterior work we have finished this spring, summer, autumn of 2016 some great masterpieces. We have many others but we do respect any wishes of some jobs completed that wish their property not used on our profile. We always will ask you if we can post before and after photos on our business page first before doing so. Thank you to everyone this year it's been a pleasure completing them!

Another wee job completed today to protect the windows for winter. Looking good. All fascias and window frames painted with Armstead mahogany brown high gloss. The shine looks great it really shows the house off! For any exterior paints we are now taking orders for 2017, we aim to start again late April. Please send us a private mail or call 07752499855. Thank You.

Another one complete and the last full exterior house paint for 2016. The customer is overjoyed by the final result. It looks fantastic now. Products used were Sandtex Brilliant White, Dulux light grey undercoat and Armstead Goosewing Gloss. Thank you

Kindlers for sale £50 delivered for the tote bags, coal bag size £5, net bag size £2.50 depending on distance to your address there will be a small charge of £3 but within 10 miles of Dalton there will be no charge. Thank you.

A lovely day today to get another garden shed built. Just a wee one but it was rather fun. Looking great. For anything you would want built up Bits N' Pieces can get it done for you!

That's another one complete and a very happy customer Jill Graham who runs a fresh fish and grocery van locally. This exterior house paint was completely applied by brush to give that extra thick skin that should last a few years. All paints used were Dulux and Sandtex.

Another wee exterior house paint completed today, just two walls of a property we recently painted the customer felt it needed a wee freshen up. We certainly did that. Another job complete and another customer over the moon. We certainly love that achievement on completion. This could be you just give us a message. Thank you!

We realised we haven't posted anything for a while so here's a sneak peek of a job we've been working on this week. We are applying a thick skin of paint by brush so as the property will be well protected from weathering. This takes time but as you can see it brings a fantastic finish. Paint used Sandtex Magnolia.

We've certainly been busy the last couple of weeks since returning back from holiday. With the weather lately it's been back to working mostly inside but this one was great to put in a wee bit destruction aimed at the bad weather. Such a great way to vent some steam haha. This customer wanted their old garden shed removed from their garden to tidy it up a bit and it certainly has done that. Please take a look. For any wee jobs you are needing completed give us a call on 07752499855 and you will be surprised how reasonable we are!! Thank you

A few weeks ago we carried out a wee job of exterior painting the back of a cottage. Once we had completed the task he was extremely happy with our work and suggested us to his neighbour to paint their house so today we got to exterior painting their cottage. Here are the before and after photos of both jobs. Thank You from all at Bits N Pieces.

Last week we were busy with a few jobs, we got up to laying a patio and a wee bit painting round some windows here's our photos of last weeks action. From all of us at Bits N' Pieces don't be afraid to contact us for anything that needs doing at a very reasonable price. Thank You.


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