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Graveside fencing

Sanquhar, Dumfries, United Kingdom
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Fabrication and welding, all jobs considered


Tall flower pot holders stop rabbits eating flowers

Also render walls to good quality

Tall plant pot holders keep rabbits from eating flowers at graveside

Pre-war vintage car wing I'm restoring

Any hanging baskets needing made or flower pot holders 4 summer or wood burners needing made from gas bottles feed 4 your garage or out house made to top quality

Pre war wing restored nearly lol

More work on these pre war austin car asked a price 4 in side arches then got given these outside wheel arches that bolt off completely rusty on inside of wing ££ already agreed price without them not happy times money people don't understand to refurb things like them takes time took me couple of days to cut rust out then buff it all up and treating the rust so it don't come back. Am not a rip off but a thought 10£ a hour is cheap but prices on jobs are stopping with cars rage over!!!