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83 Castlehill Road, Dumbarton, United Kingdom
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Helping small local businesses, set up, maintain and manage their online presence. One to one training sessions also available. Welcome to  Love Leigh  MEDIA

Here at  Love Leigh  MEDIA every client is an opportunity to improve the local area.

I firmly believe that involving the community in a positive manner with local businesses is key to helping local business build up their online presence, it can also really help them actually connect and engage with their customers.

I realised through working for larger media platforms that there was a gap in the market. Who was helping new businesses, or businesses with no online presence? Who was showing local businesses the myriad of FREE resources readily available online? All too often I would watch start up or small business 'panic buy' advertising, before the groundwork had been online. They'd spend sometimes hundreds, only to be left confused and upset when their efforts brought little or no return.

Now this isn't necessarily the fault of the platform you used. If people can't follow up, or find you easily - they give up easily. As simple as that. Once of the drawbacks of modern technology is that people don't have the same patience. Your buyers usually know what they want and want it quickly. Loyalty has to be built.

My aim is to help you set up, manage and maintain your online presence, and to make sure you are aware of the huge array of cost effective means of advertising your business - some of which are FREE.

Always be visible. Once it's easy to find you, and you do use other/larger marketing platforms, you'll gain a much better Return On Investment. Don't make the fatal mistake of overlooking the ground work that needs to be done first.

Luckily, if like most people, you hate handling marketing calls - I also act as a media buyer. I have good relationships with several local marketing/media companies that I know to be effective in the area. Once we have planned your marketing strategy, I will do all the leg work, thus filtering out hours of marketing calls and emails, and you will only be presented with the best options of YOUR business. This allows you to focus on what's important, your business.

One thing is GUARANTEED - every clients' business is treated with the respect and understand it deserves. I love nothing more than learning all the intricacies of someone's business, their personal story, and indeed their goals for the future.

Not sure where to start with online marketing? Get in touch today and we can start right there - at the beginning.

Love Leigh MEDIA

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There is never a right time to start your business. 'I'm going to do that one day' just isn't going to get results. The only time is NOW! More & more people are getting fed up with long inflexible hours, low rates of pay, zero hours contracts and the like and deciding to take that leap of faith to setting up their own business. You only have to look at the rise of self employed people to see that. DON'T DELAY, DO IT TODAY! Thanks to network marketing for the picture.

Is running your business & keeping your Facebook/other social media networks updated and promoted getting too much? 🤦🤦🙇🙇 Let me help! 👩‍💻 I can setup, manage & maintain your social media platforms - so you don't have to. This allows you to get on with what you love ❤️ - the job behind your business. Competitive prices 💱and one to one training sessions 💻 📚✏️🖊️are now available!🙆🙆 FREE advertising for local charities & non profit organizations. 🎬📸💻📱 Get in touch 📞💻 to learn more & let me 👩‍💻 lighten the load! Spread the word! 🔊📣📢

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