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Kent-Engine-Clean offers a mobile engine de-carbonising service in Kent & South East using the Terraclean treatment system.



Don’t remove your DPF folks...stay legal and save money. Get it cleaned - by us!

DPF problems? We can clean Diesel Particulate Filters at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Contact us for more information:

Another successful DPF clean. This Ford Transit has not been able to regenerate the DPF because of lots of urban driving and a high engine oil level. To successfully burn the soot in the DPF, the temperature must reach at least 550C. This can’t really happen around the town. Once the filter becomes very blocked, the ECU protects the engine by going in to a restricted performance or ‘limp mode’. The only options are then to replace or clean the DPF. Replacement can cost well over £1000 and means the vehicle is off the road for a period while parts are sourced and fitted. Cleaning is not only much cheaper but quicker. In this case, we carried out diagnostic checks, rectified the high engine oil level, cleaned the filter and completed a static regeneration to confirm the whole system was working correctly. No more warning lights or limp mode. Contact us if you are experiencing DPF problems, here or through our website:

Today we were called to help with a Nissan Qashqai with a DPF problem. The air intake had cracked causing the engine to smoke excessively and block the DPF. In fact the filter was so badly blocked that the engine wouldn’t run unless the exhaust was unbolted to reduce the back pressure. We filled the DPF with patented Terraclean cleaning fluid to dissolve the soot that had built up. We could then slowly tighten the exhaust union with the engine running and use pressurised air to force the fluid through the filter. After removing the restriction in the filter, a DPF static regeneration was carried out to confirm everything was now working as it should. Another car back on the road at a fraction of the cost of a replacement DPF. If you are having DPF issues with your car, contact the experts:

Patrick’s Audi A3 was going in to limp mode because of sticking turbo vanes. The ECU restricts engine performance to protect against damage that could be caused by the turbo over boosting. The entire EGR system and turbo were cleaned using the patented Terraclean system. As the turbo fault had prevented the DPF (diesel particulate filter) from regenerating, that had become blocked. We tested the exhaust back pressure to confirm this. 10psi was way higher than it should be so we went ahead and cleaned the DPF to remove the restriction. Patrick had been told his car needed a new turbo at a cost of at least £1000. After thorough cleaning the fault is cured - no replacement necessary. Contact us for more information:

This Ford Kuga had gone in to limp mode because of a blocked brand new DPF. Another garage had replaced the DPF but not properly investigated the cause. The pressure sensor which monitors the gas flow through the filter was faulty which meant the brand new unit would not regenerate and became blocked. We tested the exhaust back pressure and found it to be 8.1psi. We then double checked a new pressure sensor to ensure it was operating correctly. After cleaning the accumulated soot from the filter using the patented Terraclean system, the back pressure was down to an acceptable 1.6psi indicating the filter was no longer blocked. With no DPF fault codes remaining the car was now out of limp mode and able to regenerate itself normally once again. If you are having DPF issues, contact the experts:

Today we went to a VW Golf which was running rough and going in to limp mode because of turbo issues. We could see there was heavy carbon build up in the EGR system and the variable vane turbo was not responding as it should. First we inserted an adapter in to the EGR circuit so we could introduce cleaning fluid through the system toward the turbo. The fluid breaks down the carbon which is flushed out in to the exhaust stream. Using a diagnostic tool, the turbo actuator was activated repeatedly to free up the sticking variable vanes. Then we reversed the direction of the fluid and used a vacuum tool to open and close the EGR valve to clean the valve itself and the intake manifold. With the entire EGR system and turbo now clean, the job was finished with a TerraClean fuel system service. This will mean cleaner, more efficient combustion, reducing future carbon build up. Our customer had been advised the turbo needed to be replaced, but in under 2 and a half hours the car was running like new again. If you are having EGR, turbo or DPF issues, get in touch to see how we can help.

A DPF warning light doesn't always mean the filter is blocked. The DPF system relies on many components to monitor and maintain itself. Here is an example - a Ford Galaxy with engine Management Light on and fault codes stored for DPF efficiency below threshold. In this case, the hose from the filter to the differential pressure sensor had melted and needed replacement. This part of the system allows the amount of soot in the filter to be monitored by the ECU. As the hose was broken from the extreme heat of successive DPF regenerations, the ECU was seeing implausible pressure readings and triggering the fault codes. A manual pressure test with a gauge showed the filter was not blocked and a replacement hose will cure the problem. We are DPF specialists - proper diagnosis can save you money. Get in touch to see how we can help.

DPF issues? Been told your DPF needs replacing at a cost of hundreds of pounds? We are specialists in DPF issues. In as little as a couple of hours, with our mobile service, we can clean a blocked DPF filter in situ at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Get in touch to see how we can solve your DPF problems and save you money.

We were able to give three cars the benefit of a TerraClean fuel system service today. We are happy to work weekends and evenings to bring you a mobile service where ever and when ever is most convenient for you. Terraclean cleans internal engine components to restore lost performance, increase fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. Contact us for more information about engine decarbonising, EGR system, turbo and DPF cleaning. Email: