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Nutrition for Sports and exercise -  For Weight Management - Pre and Post Natal - Childhood Nutrition -Child Nutrition and Obesity Prevention  


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Just had this amazing box delivered by Olivers Farm shop

Timeline Photos

Thats the way to start a Saturday morning - just taught PIYO at Brockham 👍 great bunch of girls and such a great release . We are definitely gonna feel it tomorrow but in a good way of course 😜 (not a bad way to burn 478cals and not a high impact move in sight !)

Just finished writing tomorrow mornings lesson plan - make sure you have breakfast girls its gonna be tough .

What an amazing first week back - I am so lucky to have such incredible clients every class has been full of energy, laughter and huge amounts of sweat (maybe the odd tear) . All classes are now full except Thursday PIYO which is new to the timetable and starts this Thursday - TheReading Room Westcott 9.15

TRUTH it doesn't matter what shape we are on the outside , it's the inside that counts , exercise is the journey to be healthy and fitter to be able to live a longer stronger life and be there for those we love .......

MONDAY NIGHTS START AGAIN TOMORROW 💪 7PM North Holmwood see you there 👍

AMAZING PIYO this morning . We launched 48 what a great release 👍ladies I think we all looked like we just stepped out of a shower when we finished 💪 A MASSIVE shout out to you all ...... I think maybe every step you take take tomorrow may remind you of me 😝

NEW TIMETABLE 2017 Monday 9.15 -10.15am North Holmwood Full body cardio/strength Steps/barbells Monday 7pm-8pm North Holmwood Bodyweight cardio conditioning Monday 8.10-9.10pm North Holmwood Pilates – All levels welcome Tuesday 9.15am Brockham Village Hall PIYO – Pilates and Yoga fusion choreographed to great music Wednesday 9.15-10.15am North Holmwood High intensity full body Thursday 9.15-10.15am The Reading Room Westcott PIYO – Pilates and Yoga fusion choreographed to great music Friday 9.15-10.15 am North Holmwood 50/50 a class of 2 halves Saturday 9.15-10.15am Brockham Village Hall PIYO – Pilates and Yoga fusion choreographed to great music

Really Really Excited about the NEW PIYO Round 48 is amazing it really works every single muscle and challenges you with its control and time under tension. Then out of nowhere BANG!! THE POWER track that will take your breath away in less 3 mins ,the Flow is very different to the last round to its beautiful and strong and the CORE as always is Abtastic . Looking forward to seeing you first week back , please make sure if you havent already you get in touch as spaces are limited

SAMS Fitness's cover photo

SAMS Fitness's cover photo

BIG SHOUT OUT to the girlies that came to class this morning final class of this year but they didn't slack 💪oh no they brought their A Game what amazing energy and hard work def deserve a mince after that one 🎉 See you in the new year 😘

LAST CLASSES OF THE YEAR 👍😜 It would appear my girlies are sooo committed they have asked me to put on some extra classes next week !! Monday 9.15 North Holmwood Monday 7pm North a Holmwood And Wednesday 9.15 North Holmwood Let's see if enough sign up to run them 🎄🎉all participants must wear tinsel let me know if you want to join the fun .......