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Newnham Alpacas

Newnham Lodge Farm, Daventry, United Kingdom



Newnham Alpacas is a family run farm in northamptonshire. We produce luxury Alpaca yarn from our ever growing herd.  Newnham Alpacas is a family run farm in Northamptonshire. We have been breeding alpacas since 2008 and hand pick our most superior fleeces, to be spun into luxurious 100% alpaca yarn.
We also breed top quality alpacas to sell to the public,(please remember alpacas are herd animals and must be kept with other alpacas.)

At Newnham Alpacas we are constantly striving to move forward in the alpaca industry, with new products and creations. A particular favourite with our customers is our 'Felted Friends', using our alpaca fleeces we create needle felted creations ranging from pets to people! We take custom orders to give that personal touch, whether its a photo of your pet or your favourite book/film character all our creations are handmade.

All Newnham Alpaca products are made from 100% alpaca fibre from our farm, making unique gifts!



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