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Tea with Alice

4 Tillage Green, West Park, Darlington, United Kingdom
Coffee Shop







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08:00 - 16:30
08:00 - 16:30
08:00 - 16:30
08:00 - 16:30
08:00 - 16:30


W O R L D W I D E W E B Finally after months of P R O M I S I N G our website was coming it's H E R E and it's A C E. Check out to see what all the fuss is about, learn a bit more about us and view M E N U S. We're excited! TWA x

O N E M O R E S L E E P Tomorrow sees the S T A R T of something new for TWA...teatime opening. We will we serving B R E A K F A S T, brunch and lunch from 8-4 with our N E W teatime menu available from 4-730. Come and say hello guys! TWA x

B E Q U I C K We've had a table of F O U R become available for our Friday Night S O C I A L tomorrow. If you want to spend your Good Friday doing the right thing then get in touch. TWA x

E A S T E R O P E N I N G We are open Good F R I D A Y and Saturday as normal this week guys. Paul has been B U S Y rustling up some E A S T E R treats and there'll be some Easter crafting if we have space. Come and say hello! TWA x

W H E R E D A P A R T Y A T? Did you know TWA is available for P R I V A T E hire? Not just your normal neighbourhood C A F E we can cater for your special event with everything from a sit down M E A L to tea and cakes. Here are some pictures from an event we had for a S P E C I A L little boy on Sunday. Get in touch for more info! TWA x

S O L D O U T Just a quick head's up guys to let you know our Friday night S O C I A L for March is now sold out. Look forward to seeing those folk who bagged T I C K E T S and don't worry if you missed out- it'll be back in A P R I L. TWA x

O N E W E E K T O G O There's not long left now guys until we are O P E N until 8pm and will unveil our shiny N E W menu and W E B S I T E. This is a great opportunity to bring those unfortunate souls who have to W O R K during the day and who N E E D some TWA in their lives. Keep your eyes posted for more updates, TWA x

M E N U M O T I V A T I O N Tonight we're currently H A R D at work at TWA HQ working on our new M E N U, not just for tea time but also breakfast, B R U N C H and lunch as well. Thought we'd give you an insight into how we get our I N S P I R A T I O N and to let you know exciting new dishes are ahead! TWA x

Come along to our March edition of Friday Night Social. You know the drill now. Ace beers, ace tunes, some old school board games AND some amazing bar snacks courtesy of Paul. Tickets currently £5 BUY THEM BEFORE YOU'RE CRYIN' Big loves x

M A K E G O O D F R I D A Y G R E A T Not just an E X T R A day off work for some Good Friday sees our March Friday Night S O C I A L from 6-10. Tickets are currently H A L F price at £5 and this includes your first drink and T W O of Paul's traditional bar snacks. He's created some A C E S fish themed snacks and we've bought Hungry Hippos as an Easter treat. Get your tickets Q U I C K so you don't miss out. TWA x

P R O P E R P O Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this P I C T U R E. Paul's knocked up another A M A Z I N G special this week, a king prawn po' boy. Homemade TWA sub R O L L, coconut shrimp, M A Y O, little gem and tomato and a side of fat C H I P S. It's on the specials board now and we doubt you'll be disappointed! TWA x