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Stag Coventry

Bishop St, Coventry, United Kingdom



A city centre pub with your good old local feel,, everybody welcome all tastes catered for by our DJ's,Music for all 7 nights a wk live bands and karaoke  


Well then good people of cov, your little local is running a deal every Monday to Friday from 2pm till 6pm £2 a pint on everything excluding Desperado starting Monday 23rd of October. So come down fill your boots and enjoy our special offers just for you peeps, you know it makes sense.

Right then people we've dropped the price on desperado on draught to £3.50 a pint just for you the good people of cov. So no excuses if you like your lager strong with a twist we've got it right here from Monday, mean while come and enjoy all your other favourite tipples at prices that won't be beat, suns out peeps

Well then peeps looks like sunday nights are now drum n bass night so come see us we've got everything you need to keep your sunday night to Monday morning live.

It's sunday peeps no work tomorrow cuz it's bank holiday. We are open we've got cold beer and later we've got kelvin playing all your old skool favourites so no excuses the weathers banging so what you waiting for. Oh and mills needs cheering up to lol. See you later peeps have a great day

Good morning good people of Coventry hope you are all well. I feel it's time to put the record straight about our little pub. Contrary to belief the stag isn't a place where violence is the norm, the stag has never had a stabbing incident and we certainly don't entertain drug use. However for what ever reason there is a group of certain individuals who are intent on spreading nasty rumours about us. I know we are not posh and I know we need a refurb ( which is happening soon by the way) but we have recently barred a large amount of people for reasons that will remain confidential. We here that we are being boycotted by people we considered friends people who have received help when they needed it people that when are on there arse have asked for assistance and got it from us. It's very sad but I suppose that's just the way it is. People have short memories and are quick to bite the hand that feeds them. To all those people you know who you are we wish you all the very best and hope one day you might share a drink and good times the way it used to be. But for good people of cov we will continue to do our best to improve the image and reputation of our little pub. Hope to see u soon peeps. And a big thank you to our hard core regulars we wouldn't be here without you, have a happy sunday everyone god bless.

Right then people, what you all doing the weekend? Candy mans back on Saturdays playing all your favourite tunes and Micky g on Friday for your pleasure. Soon to come mega drinks deals on fri say 8 till 12 all branded stock too so keep your eyes on here for more info, Hope your all ok and Remember peeps we're not long on this planet so have fun be happy and enjoy your time with your loved ones. God bless

Right then peeps we are gona start raising some money for charity including cancer research an male cancer awareness. We are gona be doing a ska night a reggae night and a old skool rave night over the next few months. If you've got any more ideas I'm all ears guys, we hope to support as many charities as we can because it's very important to raise money for important causes. Hope to see you or hear from you all soon. Bless you all and remember life is for living so live love laugh and enjoy.

Well then people it's Friday, the weathers nice and we've got all your favourite drinks at the very best price, we've got micky g on the decks till 5am,so come and let your hair down.. thanks to all of you our LOYAL Customers we wouldn't be here without you. God bless ya

Well the people who's out tonight???? No work tomorrow so no excuses. The pool rooms nearly done so won't be long before we start bringing our little local up to date with a good refurb. Anyway you know the craic tonight we've got all your old skool favourites playing courtesy of our sunday resident DJ Kelvin. Hope to see you later but whatever it is your doing? Enjoy it and be safe god bless ya


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