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106 King Street, Cottingham, United Kingdom
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Welcome to the original and the best coffee experience in East Yorkshire!


We're set up and ready to go at Beverley Food Festival! Please come along for a great day out, the rain has stopped and the atmosphere is buzzing! xxx

We are absolutely delighted to be selling these beautiful 100% vegan, cruelty free perfumes. They are £15 each and the whole £15 is donated to Pudz Animal Sanctuary. It's a win win situation, so you simply can't not buy one! You get a lovely perfume, the animals get the money and we get nice smelling customers! What's not to love ❤️?! It's never too early to start your Christmas shopping so hurry hurry and pick one up xxx

Whatever your plans are for Sunday, cancel them! And get yourselves to Beverley Food Festival instead! Blondes Vegan Kitchen will be there with our biggest and best menu yet. Loads of delicious hot food, sausage rolls, pasties, cakes and loads more. We'll also be taking a selection of our vegan cheese, mayos and more....... 10-4.30, Sunday 1st October. See you there xxxx

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to apply for the Saturday job. We will spend time over the next few days reading all the applications and be in touch next week 😊😊😊 xxx and if you haven't applied yet, you've still got 5 hours!

You thought it couldn't get any better when we brought you the BIG VEGAN FRIDGE! But now he has a friend.... its the EVEN BIGGER VEGAN FRIDGE!!! #blondesveganminimart #vegan

It's going to be an awesome weekend for vegans in Hull and East Yorkshire this weekend! Unfortunately, Blondes will not be at Hull Vegan Festival this year, due to staff shortages, much as we would love to be there. If you're making the trek from out of the area, or even if you're a local, why not pop to Blondes for a full vegan English Breakfast before you go, or come and see us for a late lunch afterwards. Make it a day full of vegan wonderfulness! 🌱✌🏻💚❤️ xxx

Wow! What an epic week! Thank you so much to everyone who has been to support us since going 100% vegan, it's been lovely meeting so many like minded people! And we can't believe how far some of you have travelled! Just a reminder that we WILL be open tomorrow, 9am-5pm for Cottingham Food Festival. And we'll have outside seating so you can go all Al Fresco, as all the roads will be closed 💚✌🏻🌱 See you tomorrow xxx

PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE THIS PAGE ABOUT THIS VACANCY. APPLICATION DETAILS ARE BELOW Job Vacancy-Saturday Staff, Coffee Shop Assistant 16+ This is not a seasonal position, please only apply if you are available to work Saturdays throughout the year. Established in 2003, Blondes is a family run business, with an outstanding reputation for top quality homemade food and exceptional customer service. We are a dog friendly, vegan coffee shop and are looking for someone who shares our passions. An enthusiastic, industrious, confident, reliable and positive team player, with a big, big smile is essential. If you think being a member of team Blondes is for you then this is what we'd like you to do! Please email us, write us a letter or even draw us a picture, explaining why YOU will be the best person for his job! And don't forget to tell us your contact details 😊 Email or drop a letter in to: Blondes, 106 King Street, Cottingham, HU16 5QE Closing date for applications is SATURDAY 23rd September 2017

Very honoured to be asked to speak at FEOignition last night representing Blondes and Mummy Meagz Vegan Kitchen, and quite emotional to recollect the journey of the last 15 years! What a trip 💚✌🏻🌱 . Thank you to FEO for the opportunity to speak alongside a group of very inspirational local business people xxx

So if you're looking for a reason to visit Cottingham, and of course to visit Blondes, consider popping along this Sunday! We will be OPEN 17th September, from 9am-5pm, as it is Cottingham Food Festival! There will be loads going on, and it's freshers weekend for Hull Uni, so there will be a great buzz around the place 😊 xxx

We've finally gone and done it! Blondes is now a 100% #vegan coffee shop. Sorry for the long post, but this is a HUGE thing for us. We have made a big move towards this over the last year, and all of our food has been vegan for a long time now, but we have now ditched the dairy too!! However, we know this will only work if we get the support. Cottingham has a very elderly population, and five years ago a huge chain coffee shop opened right opposite us. Every customer counts, and the moment we estimate that at least 80% of our customers are meat eaters. But we need to do what is right, and this is the right thing to do. When you come to Blondes you will be supporting a local, family run business. We give ALL of our tips to animal charities, we have only ever used cruelty-free cleaning products, and we recycle over 80% of our waste. We really do try our hardest to do the best we possibly can! My vegan parents both work for the business, both well past retirement age(!), and all of our staff are vegan. It is a real struggle to compete with the chain cafes/restaurants, even though we are far more competitive on price. We don't just offer vegan food and drinks, we also sell vegan belts, purses, wallets, sweets, cheeses, candles, meat substitutes, clothing......... And we are dog friendly, so there's always a cute fur baby to cuddle! We absolutely love meeting new customers, and many become friends. We are incredibly passionate about veganism and fighting for animal rights. We know Cottingham might seem like a long way to go, but its literally a 20minute bus journey, 6minute train ride from Hull City Centre, and just off the M62. If you haven't visited us yet, please do. We really would love to meet you! This really will only work if we get the support, and I know we can do this!!!! Obviously, the best support would be for you to come and visit, but if you can't please spread the word as far as you can for us with all of your vegan Facebook friends. The success of this means absolutely everything to us. If you're still reading this, thanks!!!!! And we hope to see you really soon xxxxx

💞🎉 Gorjuss has arrived! We are in love with the new range 😍! We have Lots of new stock, including cards, calendars, diaries, Pom Pom pens, bunting, large purses, clasp purses, bags, mugs, trinket tins, party invitations and so much more! Come and see for yourselves 😊✌🏻💞


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