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Based in Coseley and open 7 days a week. Our dedicated team of highly experienced vets and nurses aim to provide you and your pets with THE best care.
Rosewood Animal Hospital is based in Coseley in the West Midlands.
Beth Archer MRCVS is our Head Veterinary Surgeon who's interests are opthalmology and dermatology, working along side her is Claire Bradley MRCVS. Our Head Veterinary Nurse is Becki Griffiths RVN. Our deputy head of nursing services is Amy Burkitt. We have a very dedicated team of Veterinary Nurses here at Rosewood. We have Nicole Cash SVN, Hannah Shearwood RVN, Renee Hopwood SVN, Lauren Jones SVN and finally our receptionists Jo Higgs and Josh Kelsey.


*** UPDATE. NOW BACK HOME 🏡. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SHARING *** Stray Appeal-Please Share. Handed in this afternoon after being found running in the road in Coseley. Microchipped but sadly details have not been updated and are no longer correct. Please contact us on 01902 671777 with any information.

It's fine, you go to work and we will stay in bed 🐱🐱

Why not take advantage of our September promotion!!! 💜🐱🐶🐰💜 Have a free dental check with 20% off any dental procedures required! Also, we shall be looking at myths and facts thoughtout September regarding dental disease so stay tuned!! Call us or pop in to see us for more information.

Getting a new furry family member can be a stressful time especially when it comes to organising their veterinary care. With our starter packs you can benefits from: • Full vaccination course • Microchip (A legal requirement for dogs) • 2 months flea + worm treatment • 5 weeks free insurance with Agria • Free trial of food • Free nurse clinics for 2 months. All for just £69 saving over £30! Leaving you more time and money to enjoy your new addition!

WARNING- PLEASE READ A confirmed case of RHD2 has been confirmed in Hednesford. RHD2 is a viral disease that affects all ages of rabbits and is quickly spreading across the UK. If you have an unvaccinated rabbit please call as soon as possible to book in to have your rabbit vaccinated. Rabbits require two vaccinations per year these are myxomatosis and RHD one and the new RHD2 vaccine. Clinical symptoms appear quickly and can be non specific, however they can go off their food, show signs of lethargy and abdominal pain. If you notice any of the signs please call the practice immediately. Alternatively if you would like a rabbit health check please call the practice.

Why do I still require my vaccines if I live indoors? 🐱🐱🐱 If you have an indoor cat they will still require their yearly injections called a booster to protect them against feline diseases. Un-vaccinated cats can roam your gardens and property area and these infectious diseases can then be bought into your home, even on your shoes. If your cat is not vaccinated then they will require a feline vaccination course. This comprises of two injections three weeks apart, The immunity is then maintained by yearly boosters. To book in or for more information pop into see us or give us a call.

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Everybody's got a reason to smile with our dental promotion!! Have a FREE dental check with 20% off any dental treatment required!! 😮

Is yours friends kennel cough vaccination up to date? Kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory viral and bacterial infection and is transmitted through airborne droplets produced by sneezing and coughing. Therefore, your friend can even pick up the disease whilst playing on the park! Give us a call or pop into branch to book your appointment 🐶

As vets, in an average day nearly 1 in 4 cats/dogs we see in our consulting rooms will have some form of dental disease. Surprisingly, by the age of 3 years although they rarely show signs of any problems. However, by 10 years of age most of these are becoming a clinical disease. Symptoms range from just bad breath (halitosis) to changes in eating habits, primarily avoiding harder foods like biscuits and chews. Oral pain or what you would call true toothache, which causes your pet to stop eating, really only shows itself at the very latest and often irreversible stage when tooth extractions may be necessary under general anaesthesia. If this is what needs to be done we will do a full dental overhaul of your pet's mouth, extracting any damaged, loose teeth and then ultrasonic scaling and polishing the remainder. This gives you and us the opportunity to start a fresh and preserve what is left for the future of your pet's well-being. Ways to prevent tooth decay is cleaning your pets teeth with a pet friendly toothpaste and toothbrush. Another idea way is to have regular dental check up with your vet. This month take advantage of a free dental health check along with 20% off any dental work required!!!

Does anyone recognise this dog? Found on the Birmingham new road, heading towards Wolverhampton but the microchip is registered to an address in Cannock! Please share!

Hi! I'm Evangeline and I'm a stray at Rosewood Animal Hospital. I've been here for a while now and am very much ready to find my forever home! I'm very quiet and get on with other animals. My favourite thing to do is get love and fuss from humans. I'm a slightly older girl however, the rosewood team have ran full bloods on me and everything is okay! Please ring the practice on 01902671777 if you are interested in providing me with the purrfect home 😻



Check up for Lilly after her op 🏥🐶 Jacob looks rather confused 😂



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