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Gisburn, Clitheroe, United Kingdom



A locally based electrical contractor providing domestic, commercial, agricultural, equestrian and industrial work.  


Finished wiring this old beauty today! Who needs a new building, when you've got a perfectly good asbestos/ivy covered barn instead!

Here you can see a piece of tree I've fixed above a light switch to stop some owls shi... huh hmmm.... pooping on it! 🦉 💩 You could say I'm branching out! 😬

So what have I learned today.... 6ft twin LED non corrosives are ideal for lighting up an alpaca shed! (Yawn!) 😴 and also.... I need an alpaca! Building built by Preston Steel Structures 👍

I think I speak for most tradesmen here.... When a customer says..... would you like a brew? Or can I pay you straight away?..... it's literally music to our ears! It doesn't take much to sink a little business, especially when you have to be a credit card to several jobs. I'm not having a rant. I'm very lucky to work for some amazing customers. All I'm saying is.... look after your tradesmen, and they'll look after you. Nice customers get VIP treatment! Anyway, I couldn't find a relevant picture for this post.... so here's a picture of an emu!!

Busy busy lately working for RV council. Car park light repairs/LED upgrades, LED refurb of the council chambers/meeting rooms, and refurb of the meeting room of the football changing rooms down Edisford. Boring post I know but someone might find it interesting! 🤥😴

Nice little change this morning. Smoke alarm training courtesy of Aico Ltd and Oldfield Electrical. Always good to keep updated on regulation changes and new products. Also got treated to a huge bouquet of roses half way through thanks to the one and only Emily the Florist! Bit of a relief when I found out they were from her and not one of the lads from Oldfields!

When the lads at Waterloo Timber showed us their wood the other day.... it was hard to get excited! 🤔 So today we upgraded the shop/office and part of the workshop to LED..... before and after pics below!

I'm Chipping today fitting lights and sockets ready for lambing. Not bad when you can light a shed with one center light!

Have you ever seen a thermostat this happy!

Getting cables and hdmi leads to a wall mounted tv doesn't always have to be a messy job. That's why decorative trunking was invented! 📺👀

Outside light repairs at The Maypole, Long Preston today. We weren't complaining when they fed us hot beef sandwiches & chips at dinner! It was bloody good! Lovely people to work for too. 👍

The beauty about doing a re-wire is exposing some of the previous electrical bodge's! Check out this nasty connection hidden behind the plaster.