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The official EU page for the Xiao Yao Pai (逍遥派) school of esoteric spiritual Taoism and the practice of the Divine Guidance Art; Dao Yin Shu (導引术)
The Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao school of spiritual Taoism is a non-profit organization whose mission is to introduce Taoism in its complete form; philosophy, religion and spiritual arts and skills.

The Taoist Divine Art taught by the school, called Tao Yin Shu, is a rare part of Taoism which has been hidden for thousands of years not only from non-Chinese, but also within the Chinese community and it's people. Over the many years, the art has been passed down to but a select few disciples and has remained obscure to even the most knowledgeable and informed practitioners.

But in the year 1970, something revolutionary happened, and the current Taoist Grandmaster of Xiao Yao Pai, Lie Shang Hu Tao Se, whom at the time lived in Indonesia, rose above this tradition and began openly teaching the secret knowledge of the Tai Shang Men sect for the first time in the history of the school.

Year after year, many new disciples were initiated as Taoists under Xiao Yao Pai and the school grew bigger and bigger. Today, there are followers of the school spread throughout the many provinces of Indonesia, most of which are active in traditional Chinese Temples and many others whom choose to practice Tao Yin Shu in the privacy of their own homes.

Shortly after the systems' rapid increase in popularity began to sweep across the country, a zealous group of Tao Yin Shu practitioners decided that they needed an independent space where the Divine Taoist Arts could be cultivated. One which would effectively represent the characteristics of the school and act as a venue where Taoist activities and events could be held. And thus, in 1996, the first official Tai Shang Men temple was established in Lampung, Sumatra, and Xiao Yao Pai finally had a home that was open to all.

As a testament to the schools success, today, there are over 15 Tai Shang Men temples all around Indonesia.

By the year 2000, the Indonesian Taoist Association was founded (PUTI), as an organization which would help to manage it's over 20,000 active and practicing disciples. The organizations focus is on social activity and development.

If you can read Indonesian, feel free to visit the PUTIs website:

In the next years, Xiao Yao Pai continues to reach out to people and many disciples were eager to establish Taoist Temples in their own towns. To support this idea, in 2003, we made Majelis Tridharma Indonesia (MTI), an Indonesian Taoist Council, that is registered by the Indonesian government as a formal organization of the Taoist religion.

The MTIs website.

In Indonesia Tao Yin Shu was never officially advertised and it's popularity has always been a direct result of word of mouth. But as we have it today, and with the advent of the internet, words have gained a much more expansive reach than ever possible before. And so in 2007, Grand Master Lie Sang Hu gave us permission to introduce our ancient art to the west, and in 2009 we held the first initiation ceremony in the USA, heralding a new era of Xiao Yao Pai.

Now in 2016 and for the third time, a remarkable opportunity to learn Tao Yin Shu is coming directly to the UK.

We hope this ancient art can become a light for humanity.



"Leave your front door open; leave your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don’t serve them tea." Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

'We become that which we behold. ' Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

'When you accept yourself the way you are, the world RECOGNIZES you. It all starts from within. ' Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

'Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing.' Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

Q: Why do emotions/body sensations disappear when we concentrate on them, shouldn't it be the other way around? I've learned that giving attention to thoughts/emotions would keep them imprisoned in the body, and only when we stop giving them attention, they start dissolving out of our experience. Elaborate please. A: The emotions that persist are the ones which we ignore. When we focus on them with an open awareness, we facilitate their integration into our current energy body. Neglected and avoided emotions tend to stagnate, slow down and lodge themselves in the viscera, which impedes the free flow of energy between the 5 organs of emotion in the body and leads to energetic blockages. Whenever we are triggered, our first reaction isn't to be with the emotion, instead all the resources of our awareness are channelled into the 5 senses and externalised in preparation for a defensive reaction. Usually, this consists of portraying yourself as the victim and assigning blame to someone else for saying or doing what they did to hurt or trigger you, so at the height of our emotional experience, when we need to show ourselves the most attention, we end up focusing everything on someone else; the "activator" of our emotional state. What we SHOULD be doing is firstly, realising that no thing, event or place outside of ourselves is responsible for how we feel. To illustrate this, let's say that your girlfriend or boyfriend says something to offend you. Your natural reaction will be external and you will blame them for it. Now imagine you got on a plane and travelled across the planet and met another partner. One day she says the same thing and you instantly get triggered again. So, the first thing to realise is that if different things, places and people can trigger us to feel the same way, that what you are feeling isn't coming from the outside, it is something that you carry with you on the inside everywhere you go. This is an important realisation because it enables us to do the most necessary thing for our healing; to turn our awareness around from being expended and externalised through the 5 sense organs and laser focus it into one sense of emotional perception to illuminate the root of the trigger that is dormant within ourselves. That is the second thing; turning around the light of our awareness to illuminate the interior. The third thing is being with the emotion we are experiencing. In this phase most people will report that with their awareness internalised, suddenly they can feel all these new emotions and they feel stronger and stronger, sometimes even becoming so overwhelming as to make them cry. Here, it is not that the person is experiencing "new" emotions per se, but the old emotions that have been there for a long time, neglected, shunned and rejected. Similarly to when we sit down to meditate, suddenly we become aware of our heart beat, the movement of our breath and even that of our subtle energy. Are they happening for the first time? No - we are just paying attention for the first time. It is during this phase that we come to terms with our real issues and accept responsibility for our own emotional states, comprehending the ridiculousness of how the ego has been delegating that responsibility to external figures, always pointing the finger at everyone but never the source of the issue, ourselves. The first step on the path to wisdom is accepting full responsibility for our own actions. The emotions you will experience during this meditative process of self refinement will generally fall into two categories. 1. Emotions which when illuminated by the light of your awareness will quickly vanish. These are usually weak emotional charges which could even be resolved by performing a simple exercise in psychological reasoning to diffuse the emotion back into the energy system. These are transient, they come and go and we are usually cognizant of them to some extent so they pose only minimal resistance to our emotional well-being. 2. The second category of emotions are those that when illuminated, rather than shrink and disappear, begin to grow, intensify and expand until they become so overwhelming that we might even have to pause the practice to take a breather before we resume. I would advise however to be resilient and power through this transformation. Why do category 2 emotions grow instead of shrinking? This is because what we are illuminating is only the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface is where the great body of all the times we've neglected that emotion resides. All the times that emotion got triggered and we externalised it instead of turning inward to be with the experience, a little bit of that iceberg got thicker and bigger. So the increasing intensity and power of category 2 emotions is due to your conscious discovery of what lies within and facing the depth of your suppressed and neglected emotions for the first time. These can be emotions which have been ignored for 10s of years, so when the light of your awareness begins to reveal them from the darkness, they will feel overwhelming as you work to perceive their full width and breadth, but when you do, that same light that now perceived the emotion fully will begin to gently melt it away until that iceberg returns to the fluid sea of our emotional body. This is how integration of deeper emotions takes place. You have to be patient with these as they usually relate to deep traumas and painful life experiences. The wonderful part of this meditation is that as you melt away those ice blocks, you will feel new currents of emotional power and ability express themselves through your being, unlocking parts of your personality that you never thought you possessed. Go slow, be loving to yourself. When you lock onto an emotion, don't judge it, don't fear it, don't name it or label it. Just be with it fully, completely and nature will take its course. In Xiao Yao Pai, this is part of the Xiu Xin Yang Xing; Cultivating The Heart to Illuminate True Nature. We should consciously practictise this refinement of the acquired self every day, together with our Dao Yin Shu liangong; cultivaton practice :) Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

'It's not the mountain we conquer - but ourselves. ' Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

'People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures. ' - F. Alexander Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

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"It is imperative to not deny or suppress the inherent power that resides within even the least of us, but to recognize its nature and strive to render ourselves worthy of it." Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Daoism Facebook Group: Webpage: Facebook Page: ---------------------------------------------------------- #xiaoyaopai #taoism #xuandaoji #taoyinshu #meditation #laozi #spirituality #neidan #xian #immortality #yoga #taoyin #qigong #taiji #wuji #tao #inspirational #art #bestoftheday #cool #life #lovely #instagood #me #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #like4like #instadaily

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First testimonial from one of this weekends London Dao Yu. The proof is in the pudding! TESTIMONIAL 28 I am writing from the perspective of a complete spiritual noob - prior to the initiation I had exactly 4 hours in total of meditation for my whole life…and that’s it. The main incentive for me to start practicing Tao Yin Shu is also rather shallow – I wanted to experience something ‘supernatural’ so as far as I knew, Xiao Yao Pai is the only school that lets you use a ‘shortcut’ in a sense that you don’t need to have meditated and cultivated spirit for years for amazing things to start happening from the beginning. Sounded perfect for a lazy ass like myself so there was no second thought on whether I should join or not. Of course as a beginner, I didn’t imagine that my Fu Fa Shen would be able to connect with me straight away and was not bothered, I was eager to wait as much as it’s needed but OH MY! To describe what happened to me for the past two days as ‘mind-blowing’ would be an understatement. I may say so because I am young and impressionable… or because being physically moved by an immortal that resides in another realm is an experience that can’t be obtained anywhere now or in 500 years, neither though VR technology, years of isolation, meditation, fasting, self-mummification or whatever. In fact, the art is completely effortless and most importantly – unbiased and unselective - it accepts, guides and treats the spiritually elevated practitioner and the sceptic willing-to-try-just-to-prove-it’s-nonsense-non-believer equally. And I dare to give bold statements like that only because I saw it with my own eyes and experienced it inside my entire body. I was initiated on the 5th of November (2 days ago) in London. The ceremony felt peaceful and soothing to me, looked nothing like the scenes from the Exorcist or The Conjuring (that’s how I was imagining it to be). We were given incense sticks and the ‘password’ by the masters, sat quietly with our palms pressed lightly together on the chest level and waited for the miracle to happen. After a minute, before I started feeling anything, I heard light clapping behind me – someone from the group was already being moved. I envied, tried to focus harder. After a few seconds I felt IT and my heart was overflowing with joy. My doubts were gone forever - they were never about the credibility of the art, but rather about my worthiness to feel it straight away. As my palms were pressed together, I felt a very gentle, subtle energy between them…like a magnetic field that was spreading and attracting them again with only about a 1cm or 2 trajectory – in and out, in and out. We stopped and later on I learned most people were moving and doing all sorts of manoeuvres apart from me and another person. But I didn’t care because I had felt it and it definitely was not coming from my imagination. Later that evening, I sat comfortably, dimmed the lights, closed my eyes and recited the ‘password’. I admit I was anxious that nothing will happen now that I was on my own. In my mind I said to my FFS that I don’t mind being pushed hard, pulled, moved in any way, that I am not scared and I completely surrender. As soon as I thought that my arms spread and this time it wasn’t 1-2cm, it was all the way to the wall behind me, they were kept there and after 10 seconds pushed lightly together again. That exercise was repeated twice and I was so overwhelmed that I needed time to process what just happened. I opened my eyes and started laughing. The second day of the event started with a group practice – the same thing happened – my arms were wide spread and closed 2-3 times. When I was analysing the logic behind it I figured my FFS must have seen that I have back pains sometimes because of wrong posture and he/she started working straight on the issue. Later that night I was so tired but didn’t want to miss my practice session so I sat again leaning my back on the wall, called FFS and again straight away my arms started spreading and closing. The closing lasted only a second while the spreading - 10 and it took me a while to realise the wall behind me was a barrier, so I moved and then my arms were pushed back as much as my flexibility allowed. It felt so good! I repeated this exercise for about 15 minutes and then it stopped, but I was like: ‘Noooo, can we please continue, I want more…’So my lovely FFS made me lay on the floor and started stretching my hands as if I was doing flapjacks on the floor. I guess that’s why last night I slept like a baby. I am looking forward to continuing my practice. For anyone who is sceptical about it, my only advice is to do it. If it doesn’t work (IT DOES!) you will know for sure and clear your doubts, if it does (IT DOES!), you will embark on the most exciting adventure in your life, you will gain a personal teacher, a friend, a healer available to you at any time like a genie in a lamp (pretty unedifying definition for the high divine power of FFS, but that is what I can say in consumerism language). I can’t talk about it without sounding like a Teleshop TV commercial from the 90’s: ‘What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate!’ Galina Kalfova. DAO YING - NOV 2016 - LONDON | UK


The first testimonial is in from one of the newly initiation Dao Yu that attended our seminar in Virginia USA last weekend. Thank you for sharing, Brandon. For a full list of Testimonials please visit our facebook group: FULL LIST OF TESTIMONIALS: TESTIMONIAL 26 I was lucky to hear about XYP right before an initiation was about to happen, booked the flight and was on my way. I heard some others had to wait 2-3 years to get initiated so I feel blessed. I am also very grateful for getting to meet the teachers from the tradition, who taught with enthusiasm and energy that is mind boggling considering they had been travelling from Indonesia just the day before which took them over 20hrs and landed them in a timezone that was 12hrs different from theirs. Besides the metaphysical experiences, their joy and humor in the midst of such jet-lag was probably one of the most obvious signs of the benefits of this path. I am very new, so this is not a matured response that has been born from years of practice, but I feel motivated to share at least what I have experienced so far just from the initiation and an experience a few months prior. My first experience happened about two months before the initiation. Before sleep, I asked for guidance from the spirits of the lineage called the Fu Fa Shen. Being slightly mischievous I prayed, "Fu Fa Shen, if you can see that I will be initiated into the lineage in the future, then can you please give me some early guidance and a sign that I should join now." That night, I had some symbolic dreams, and at the end something interesting happened. I was looking at the earth from above and watching a hurricane forming in the gulf that slowly went through Florida. I hadn't checked the tropical forecast online in a long time, because we haven't had a hurricane hit Florida in 11 years, but that next morning I looked and sure enough a hurricane was forming where I had seen it... a week later it literally went right over where I live. Then, just a month later I had to evacuate from a second hurricane! I took this as a sign, and made sure I signed up and bought tickets to Virginia to receive the initiation. At the initiation itself, like I said before, I was so impressed with the energy the teachers gave off.. and then was blown away when they told us they just flew in from Indonesia. Something else that left a deep impression on me was the lucidity of their answers. The answers were clearly from a deep reservoir of wisdom. It's hard to describe, but you can feel the 'freshness' behind their words. In the middle of the second day we practiced Shen Gong which is like a spontaneous Qi Gong. Basically, the goal is to be open to the guidance of the Fu Fa Shen (guiding spirit), and eventually they will move you during practice to help catalyze purification in the body. I have some experience with similar practices and knew not to expect much as it can take time to open up. In my past practices it would take at least 30 min or more before my energy started to flow and then I might move a little in response or usually not at all. While standing there meditating, I got a 'daydream' which gave me a visual along with a feeling of muscle movement of my hands moving out and coming in with my breath, towards and away from my heart. I wasn't sure if it was just me, so I stayed still. Right after, Master Flemming came up and told me "It's ok! Let it move!" I wasn't sure what was happening since my eyes were closed by I felt a wave of heat penetrate my chest at the heart and my hands felt like they were pulled out by a string, creating the movement I had seen in my mind moments earlier. I was impressed, and enjoyed the pleasant warmth continue to emanate from him into my chest and arms. As I said in the beginning, I am still new and cannot say where it will bring me in the coming months and years but these experiences are not small ones and I expect the best. I'm extremely grateful for them! Besides these experiences, every day since I have gotten back I have had more surprising things happening during my practices. Lastly, I think you can easily see how effective a system is by looking at their older students. Some were present at the initiation, and they were speaking of some impressive experiences and exuded good character and presence from what I could see for the short time I was around them. I am very happy I went, and the initiation left a deep impression on me. I hope this testimonial helps with your decision, and wish you the best on your path. Brandon Unglaub DAO YING - OCT 2016 - VA|US


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