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F45 Training Chelmsford

1-4 Market Square, Chelmsford CM1 , UK, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
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We invite you to join the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world. We will get you in the best shape of your life whilst having FUN!!  F45 is the revolutionary training system changing lives around the globe.

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05:30 - 13:45, 18:15 - 20:00
05:30 - 13:45, 18:15 - 20:00
05:30 - 13:45, 18:15 - 20:00
05:30 - 13:45, 18:15 - 20:00
05:30 - 13:45, 18:45 - 19:45
07:15 - 22:45
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Are you sick and tired of going to the gym and not seeing results? Struggle to find motivation to get to the gym, let alone get in a decent workout? WHAT IF YOUR RESULTS WERE GUARANTEED AND YOU ACTUALLY HAD FUN DURING YOUR SESSIONS! Join the F45 Body Transformation Challenge! F45 Training not only provides the best team based high-intensity interval training in the world, but we also offer our members a global standard nutrition portal to help you reach your fitness goals and have you looking and feeling great. F45 Challenge Nutrition Portal You will be provided with: - Daily meal plans, recipes and shopping lists - Weekly nutrition tips and motivational videos - Live Seminars - 45 point plan to guarantee results - In studio support/advice - End of Challenge Finale Party where you can make new friends and share your successes together! Sounds good right? CHECK OUT THE RESULTS OF ONE OF OUR MEMBERS ON THE TOP POST ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!!! Our results speak louder than words! Tag a friend and get in it together! Find out more information from us NOW! ...and try us out for 7 days FREE at: Or Email/call: Jade: 07749155893 RESULTS or EXCUSES – you can’t have both!

🔴 🔵 WIN A PRIZE 🔴 🔵 F45 Training Chelmsford is giving YOU the chance to WIN a FREE 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge for YOU and a FRIEND! All you need to do is: ⭐Share this post ⭐Like our page ⭐Tag a friend that you want to share the 8 Week Challenge with It's that simple!! Click on the link below to sign up for 1 Week of Free Training, leading up to what is recognised as one of 'The Worlds Biggest Results Based Programs' **t&c apply. Competition will be drawn 22.01.2018

Well done and thank you to all of you who came and were a huge part of what was an amazing official opening day of F45 Training Chelmsford on Saturday! Many of you were first timers and are at the very beginning of your fitness journey, but you took the first brave step towards making a positive change in your lives and just committed yourselves to simply getting there, so well done! The feedback and reviews have been unbelievable so thank you, and it's great to see almost everyone booked in for more sessions this week. We are super excited to see what results we can help you achieve in the coming weeks, as we gear up towards our first F45 Training 8 Week Body Transformation of the year starting on 29th January! Check out this short clip we put together of the day... Claim your 1 Week Free pass at:

WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK...OTHER THAN EXCUSES! JUST LOOK WHAT THIS LADY HAS ACHIEVED! We urge you all to take that first step NOW! Just get yourself through our doors and we will help transform your life, just like we have done with this amazing lady. Leigh came to us in the hope to strengthen her back and lose weight. She had 4 herniated discs and 1 crushed vertebrae. In just 8 weeks of training we changed her life. She is now pain free and 5 stone lighter. Well done Leigh! Try us out for 7 days FREE at: Or Email:

Hugh Jackman hits F45 post Christmas!

WHO’S IN FOR A SESSION TOMORROW? Pack your gym bag, book your class and rock up. That’s all it takes...

F45 Training has offcially launched it's first studio in Essex, in the High Chelmer Shopping Centre, right in the centre of Chelmsford! Having reached over 1000 sites throughout 36 countries in just 4 years, now you have the chance to find out for yourself why Men's Health recently voted F45 Training as "the best team interval training in the world". A live DJ will be on the decks to provide sweet beats to help get you through one of our 'world famous' signature Hollywood workouts! We'll have prizes and giveaways for anyone who attends on the day, including smoothies, merchandise and even a FREE membership! Spaces will fill quickly so book your spot, you won't want to miss this! Go to our website to claim a FREE 1 WEEK pass and book your spot in either the 830am or 945am session!

Tip number 4 - Quit the excuses and just get started. Are you constantly searching for motivation to exercise? If so, stop the search! You don’t have to be motivated to exercise; motivation is not what gets us the results. ‘Discipline and commitment’ is needed to stay consistent. What does that involve? For me I join my members in an F45 Training session. Why? I literally just have to rock up to my session. My workout is planned out, the trainers are there to motivate and push me through the session, I get to have fun and train alongside fun people. It’s actually enjoyable!

Tip number 3 - Try not to just focus on the end goal. Aim to find something you love, so you stay motivated and dedicated along the way. Too often I hear from clients, friends and even random strangers I meet in social situations, their complaints about ‘not losing fat fast enough’ or ‘its just not happening’. Yet upon further questioning and probing it becomes clear that they’ve actually come a long way in their fat loss process. They just can’t see it or acknowledge it. We can agree that keeping focused on your vision and dream is important, but so too is acknowledging the small wins along the way. Every time you achieve a daily or weekly goal, it’s a win. No matter how big or small it is, it still counts as a win in the right direction. For example, if you go from eating takeaway food every night to cooking three times a week and only buying twice, then that is considered a win! And every win is worth acknowledging and being proud of, because it is a positive change in habit. It is the sum of small changes that equals massive transformations. Every single positive action that you take is allowing you to become the new person that you want to be.

Tip number 2 – Find your ‘why’ Understanding your ‘why’ is your most powerful motivator. By this I mean, if you lose weight you will feel more confident, sexier, powerful and maybe more in control. Or, your ‘why’ could be you wanting to improve your health so you can be a better role model to your kids, maybe have the occasional run around the playground, or be around longer to watch them grow up. Being able to identify your true ‘why’ will give you the drive and motivation to see it through. This can be tough but once you dig deep and find your true emotional trigger this will be your drive.

Tip number 1 - Start setting realistic goals from now, this way you will be prepared to full kick-start your health in 2018. My motto is – fail to plan, plan to fail. Sit down and start to think what your goal really is? You need a clear understanding of your goals in order to be able to reach them.

We have all been in that position of vowing to make health changes during or after that boozy festive season. With the greatest intentions that this year will be different ‘I really will lose that weight and get fit’. New years resolutions are the most overrated types of goals you can set yourself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in most cases they do not work. Now, I’m not suggesting you should avoid goal setting altogether, quite the contrary. Goal setting is especially important for personal growth. Every day this week we will supply you with the tools and tips to successful goals for 2018.

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