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Trans-K9 Dog Transit Boxes

High Carminnows, Carsphairn, United Kingdom
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The perfect solution to protect your car and carry your dogs safely and securely, Available from stock to suit most of the popular estate cars, 4x4s,double cabs, vans and SUVs.
All our products are MADE IN SCOTLAND! Open 8.00am - 8.00pm Daily



Here are very own TransK9 supermodels Jess & Skeet doing what they do best - looking gorgeous! <3 Seen here checking out how comfortable the top of one of our storage drawers can be!

A wee bit of overtime on a Sunday!... Here's one of eight secure storage drawers that are heading off to their new owners with tomorrows deliveries, Land Rover Discovery or RANGE ROVER owner< please follow this link for more details #Landroverdiscovery #Rangerover #bigboystoys

Who can relate to this! <3

Are you picking up your new car this September? Don’t forget your canine companions! Visit our website to find the perfect dog cage for your car now:

Looking to upgrade those old fiddly bumper mat clips to our NEW ones?... Available to purchase online from today (took a wee bit longer than we thought I know!) Please follow this link to view in detail

Looking for a foam insert to protect your rifle? We have just found 5 Double Rifle inserts in our warehouse, RRP £90.00 + PP, to clear at £45.00 + PP, a bargain for someone! Full details can be found by following this link, Rifles not included :) If you wish to order one they cannot be ordered online but over the phone 01644 425005

Available now to purchase online our all NEW Full Hospitality Insert, designed for use with our Trans-Lock range of secure storage drawers, for details please follow this link

Working to a budget? We have just added several customers used boxes to our website, follow this link to see whats on offer this week

For those K9 adventures!

Some days this TransK9 modeling career is just all a bit too much, mind you I am loving these drawer units and accessories! #transK9 #Landroverdiscovery

At long last we have finally got round to redesigning our Bumper mat clips, to make them not only silent, but also easier to use. You’ll find these NEW elasticated straps a dream to operate and we are pleased to say they are now fitted as standard on all TransK9 Bumper protection mats. To fit them to your existing mat is possible, you would need to fit them at the other end of your mat and drill two 4mm holes approx 35mm back from the leading edge of the mat. They will be added to our our accessories page in two weeks time to purchase price TBC.

If you’re planning your summer holiday don’t forget to travel smart with your four-legged friends… Our dog cages are ideal for long journeys, with comfy bedding and the safest design on the market. We’ve launched a lot of new models so if you’ve got a new car don’t forget to take a look at our range. We also have an Airflow Fan and Road Refresher travel water bowl to keep your pooch comfortable and hydrated on those long journeys. Find the perfect cage for your vehicle here Check out the Airflow fan here Take a look at the Road Refresher travel water bowl here


Fabulous 'bespoke' box for the #Skodayeti available off the shelf - modelled by Jess and Skeet #transk9 #transk9usa #dogtransitbox #dogbox #dogcage #dogcrate #safetravels #madeinscotland #skoda #yeti #4x4 #labrador #lab #labradorretriever #ess #englishspringerspaniel #springer #spaniel #k9 #dogs

Fabulous 'bespoke' box for the #Skodayeti available off the shelf - modelled by Jess and Skeet #transk9 #transk9usa #dogtransitbox #dogbox #dogcage #dogcrate #safetravels #madeinscotland #skoda #yeti #4x4 #labrador #lab #labradorretriever #ess #englishspringerspaniel #springer #spaniel #k9 #dogs


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