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Canine Hilton

7, Parkfields Close, Carshalton, United Kingdom
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Animal Communication from puppy training to adoption to bereavement, including behaviour adjustments, welfare issues such as abuse, cruelty, sexual assault
Canine Hilton is run by Dr Mercia Nitzsche and is one of the best places in the UK to have your dog treated or trained for any issue that is effecting their behaviour and relationship with you.
Dr Mercia Nitzsche has been working with animals for the last 35 years and has a unique method for helping families and animals understand each other.
Her holistic approach to animal psychology has brought peace and calm to otherwise badly behaved dogs all over the UK.  
The Nitzsche PWCP (PetWorldCulturePreservation) methodology includes the PEPPU technique which has been developed to engage a dogs mind with enriching programmes. This method is highly effective as each dog has their own natural talents that need to be recognised.