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Chase Games

First Floor. 26 Market Hall Street, Cannock, United Kingdom



Welcome to Chase Games, Specialists in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and stock lots of other Trading Card Games. We also have a large play area in-store. Welcome to Chase Games, Specialists in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and stock lots of other Trading Card Games. We also have a large play area in-store.


This Saturday at Chase Games:

Lightseekers Tournament Tomorrow! Anyone coming down for some practice tonight???

Our first Premier Event with BREAKthrough rotation in force! The League Challenge will be best of 3 rounds at 50 minutes, deck list will need to be handed in before the end of registration with random deck checks taking place both before and during the tournament. Entry is £7 and everyone will get a participation pack and promo with top 4 getting extra packs and top 4 cards. Pre-registration is not needed for this League Challenge.

Lightseekers is a new trading card game with some amazing new mechanics, with buffs that can either stay on the field or rotate at the begining of the players turn. The Hero has a life total which is the attacked by your opponent or opponents, the game is designed as Mulitplayer game just as much as a 2 player game. This will be a casual event where we will either pair people up to play a casual tournament or we can play in multiplayer pods. Thursdays are a trial day for Lightseekers, we will review which day we host a lightseekers event in a few weeks.

Wednesday Nights are our Magic Draft Nights, £12 entry, each player get's 3 boosters and they'll be prize boosters.

On demand booster drafts of Ixalan all weekend!

Our Magic Open House day is the best day to come a learn to play Magic the Gathering. Come down on Saturday the 16th of September and we'll give you a free deck to try and we'll teach you to play. We will be starting demos throughout the day starting at 12 midday and we will then be doing demos every 2 hours so at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and the last one will be 8pm. Once you have learnt how to play it's time to go and play other players which will earn you the first Ixalan Promo - Walk the Plank. Current players, in order to get a promo you must bring a friend that is new to Magic and also play with other new players here on the day, helping and teaching them how to play.

Wednesday Nights are Pokémon League Nights. Casual play to get your points for the league ladder and win your league promos. League will have a slightly early starting time during the school holidays and is on from 15:00 until 22:00 but you can pop down anytime for as long or a little as you want.

Roleplaying evening using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

SUMO Custom is Chase Game's own Pokémon Tournament Format, the format is Sun and Moon Series only cards and may not include GX cards. By Sun and Moon Series we mean cards from Sun and Moon Base Set, Expansions after and Sun and Moon Black Star Promos. Currently Burning Shadows is the latest Sun and Moon set and soon to come is Crimson Invasion. We hope this will give players a cheaper deck building option but also give players more experience by being able to play decks with out meta cards like, Tapu Lele, Professor Sycamore and N. All other Pokémon Rules apply such as only 4 copies of a card are allowed and the deck must have exactly 60 cards. Deck lists will be required for these tournaments. Entry is £7 with participation packs and extra packs for winners.

Magic the Gathering Pauper is a fantastic unofficial format where only Commons can be used, with pauper nights being pretty popular throughout August we will be carrying on the Tuesday night Pauper.