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Dojima Sake Brewery UK

10 Newmarket Road, Fordham, Cambridge, United Kingdom



With a history as old as 600 years, we will soon start brewing premium Japanese sake in UK.

Email for messages and questions.  Do you know what freshly brewed sake tastes like?

We are a Japanse sake brewery founded more than 600 years ago in the city of Osaka. We will soon start brewing sake in the UK and you will be able to taste real premium sake which you cannot get anywhere else in the country.



#100InnovativeDays - Local Enterprise Partnership

We have been chosen to be part of the #100InnovativeDays campaign by the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership. They are a local organisation that helps and promotes businesses in the area. GCGP will showcase one innovation a day for 100 days on their website and Twitter(@YourLEP).

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Very exciting sake events are coming up next week in London! There will be a pop-up cup sake bar at The Hoxton from 29 Feb to 6 March. Cup sake (or we call in one-cup sake in Japan) literally comes in a glass cup with a metal peel-off lid. Good things do come in small packages. There will be a series of events planned through out that week. Sake and local Hoxton products matching hosted by Natsuki Kikuya of Museum of Sake, cheese and sake matching, chocolate and sake matching, and so on. DJ Richie Hawtin will be there as well. Check out the events and book your tickets! Dojima Sake will not be one of the sake available at the pop-up bar, but we sure will be there to join the fun.

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SAKE is the next topic on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme! Kumiko Hashimoto from Dojima Sake Brewery UK joined Sheila Dillon, the programme presenter, with Natsuki Kikuya, a Sake Samurai and the founder of Museum of Sake and Anna Greenhous, a sake journalist for Harper's Magazine. The programme will be aired this Sunday 21st Feb at 12.30 and repeated (longer version) Monday 22nd Feb at 15.30 GMT. It can also be heard afterwards and from abroad via the podcast or by hitting ‘Listen Again’ on the programme page: It truly was an exciting experience and really hope there will be more programmes featuring sake. Kampai!

Photos from Dojima Sake Brewery UK's post


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