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Welsh Mountain Jewellery

Unid/Unit 4, Parc Glynllifon Workshops , Clynnog Road, Caernarfon, Caernarfon, United Kingdom
Jewelry & Watches Store



Jewellery & small household items crafted from  Welsh Cambrian Period Slate & Anglesey/Pen Llyn Jasper to give a geological snapshot of Gwynedd & Anglesey  By using Welsh Cambrian, Slate, Welsh jasper & metals indigenous to North Wales, I bring to life a geological history.
Welsh, Cambrian Slate features some beautiful patterns. formed 450 million year ago, this coincides with the building of the Snowdonian Mountains in North Wales
Wales has Jasper among it's rocks. Mined on  Pen Llyn & Anglesey until the 1930s[?], this striking red rock has many qualities. It can exhibit a translucent surface when polished. It can also contain pyrite & quartz.
Related to the jasper is a Green Glassy Chert, which I have a small source of. The jasper was formed when iron rich sand was melted in volcanic lava, the chert was formed when the lava erupted out onto the sea bed some 570 million years ago.
Two different histories, two different rocks; Slate from Gondwanaland, Jasper etc from Laurentia...two different continents with the Iapetus Ocean in between.
Gondwanaland: England & Wales, Africa, Australia, South America, Antarctica & India
Laurentia: Now North America & Greenland but also North West Scotland & Anglesey



Seagull control at Caernarfon..& it works! 😁

Water went pink today. North Wales jasper (this might be from a farmer's track on Anglesey!), is one of the nicest jaspers I know of.. However it is OLD. Pre-Cambrian OLD. 580 million years OLD There's some notes under the photos telling it's story. Caernarfon market tomorrow

Beaumaris Artisans Market 10 - 4

Just checking the time!! We'll be here tomorrow & the weather looks so half decent I might dig out the zip off leg trouser/shorts!

Roll up, roll at Maes Caernarfon market. Plenty of new stock & properly printed business cards & info slip finally! Tomorrow we're at Beaumaris Artisan Market on the green by the David Hughes centre

Slightly dreary day at Caernarfon today but not windy & it's dry under the gazibo!

Much better day today & day 2 at the Bulkeley Hotel, Gwynedd & Clwyd Craft Fair. Open 10 - 5 today & tomorrow & 10 - 4 Tuesday

Spring & summer shows: 31 march-3rd April Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris with Gwynedd and Clwyd Craft Workers 15/04 Beaumaris Artisans market 28/04 Llandudno Movable Feast (TBC) May: 5 & 6th Beaumaris Artisan Market 12th Gwyl Caernarfon food festival /market 19th Llanberis Movable Feast (TBC) 26 -29th Beaumaris Festival (Gwynedd & Clwyd) June: 9th Menai Bridge Movable Feast (TBC) 17th Beaumaris Artisan Market 25th Cricceth Movable Feast (TBC) July: 14th Portmadog Movable Feast (TBC), Sunday's at Beaumaris Artisan Market (TBC) August: 12th Conwy Movable Feast (TBC) Other Sundays at Beaumaris Artisan Market (TBC) September 8 & 9th Beaumaris Food Festival (TBC) (The Artisan Market's on on Sunday) Anglesey Woodland Festival (date etc TBC) 23rd Beaumaris Artisan Market (TBC) 29th Llanrwst Movable Feast (TBC). Other Saturdays & Mondays we'll be at Caernarfon Market & available Sundays may be taken at Pwhelli Market. Hopefully winter is now on its way out..seems like it's been a long one & the weather's kind throughout the summer & maybe see some of you on the way

Dry, sunshine & cloud in Caernarfon tomorrow & wind! Up to 40 mph. So sadly I'm likely to be back in the workshop tomorrow. For the principal town of Gwynedd it's pretty poorly serviced indoor space market/shopping wise!

The plan is to Caernarfon market tomorrow. The weather forecast gives rain (& wind). I guess this is why Caernarfon once boasted two market halls currently, neither which operate for their intended purposes.

The work of reducing from a big block into something useable. Usually I'd split sawn stuff with an old Sheffield steel 'bone' handle cutlery knife & a 2oz ball pein hammer but both are currently hiding so the 1kg lump hammer (it's actually marked with '1000' it's a metric antique!), had to do. Hopefully should be able to start making as of next week. I also hope to offer an online sales facility this year as it's probably my most commonly asked question!!