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Welcome to JL Valeting. We are a fully insured, fully mobile valeting service covering Fife. We can come to you at home or work. We are a fully insured, fully mobile valeting service covering Fife.

We use only the highest quality products so you can be guaranteed the very best finish possible. Your vehicle will be treated as if it were one of our own. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work with many 5 star reviews from our customers.

We are a fully mobile service carrying our own water and electricity supply meaning we can come to you at a time and place that suits you.


Next up was my brothers Ford Fiesta ST-3 for a bit of a custom valet. Inside was vacuumed then the half leather Recaro seats were given a clean along with the dash and center console etc. Outside was then given the usual treatment of snowfoam pre wash and 2 bucket safe wash. Once dried it was then given a coat of Infinity Waxes awesome dark glaze and a few light scratches machine polished out. It was then treated to a coat of the amazing Madcow Magnitude si02 wax to bring out the best of the Spirit Blue paintwork. Wheels and windows cleaned, exhaust tips polished then the tyres and trims were dressed just in time for the rain to start.

Busy day today so an early start, first job was a Hyundai ix35 for a silver valet. Interior was given the usual vacuum then the fabric parts of the seats were cleaned with the wet vac and the leather parts also given a clean with leather cleaner. Dash and center console etc also cleaned then onto the outside. Wheels and tyres cleaned then the car was given the usual snowfoam followed by a safe 2 bucket wash, once dried it was then given a coat of spray was to add a bit of gloss to the paint. Windows cleaned, tyres and trims dressed it was then off to the next job.

Busy day today, caravan for an exterior valet and polish. Roof was done first, sprayed with citrus pre wash to loosen up the dirt them scrubbed clean and rinsed. Once the rest of the exterior was washed, rinsed and dried off it was out with the das6 pro dual action polisher. Lake country polishing pad and meguiars 205 were the combo of choice for polishing. Once it was all polished it was sealed with infinity wax QXd ceramic quick detailer. This will provide a number of months protection from the elements whilst leaving a glossy finish.

Oven valeted today, not by me though. Great job and looks just like new. Anyone looking to get theirs done then don't hesitate to get in touch with Oven Cleaning Kirkcaldy - Ovenu

Just a wee job this morning, set of caravan seats for a quick clean with the wet vac. Bottom one has been done, top one hasn't.

Fiesta from today, vaccum and dash etc cleaned inside then outside. Fair bit of black spots over the roof so cleaned them off along with the rest of the car, tar and iron spots removed then given a coat of an amazing new product from infinity wax, QDx ceramic quick detailer. Wow is this product good, boasting up to 6 months protection and great hydrophobic properties. Also gives a great dose of gloss to the paintwork and with the car being silver it really does show. A coat of supergloss wax was also added for even more gloss.

Little video of wet extraction on a set of caravan seats, visually they look clean and no obvious staining. Quick going over for the purpose of the video shows just how much can be extracted from deep in the fibres of the seats.

Few pics of today's jobs. First was the 207 sportium for a silver valet, usual procedure for the inside then onto the outside, being white there was a fair bit of visible tar and iron fallout so a bit tar remover followed by some fallout remover made light work of it. The purple streaks in the photo is the fallout remover doing its job. Once rinsed off it was dried then given a coat of spray wax to give it a bit of a shine. Next job was the Mercedes for a friend, family wedding tomorrow so they wanted it gleaming. Was given the usual snowfoam then 2 bucket wash and also tar removal as there was a fair amount of it stuck on. Once cleaned and dried it was given a coat of spray wax then some hybrid detailer to add even more gloss. Inside was given a vacuum and a wipe down as it wasn't bad.

Just the one today as had to finish a bit earlier. Nice big VW Tiguan for a silver valet plus a bit scratch removal. Usual procedure with the inside vacuumed and seats cleaned, dash etc also cleaned. Outside given the standard snowfoam prewash and 2 bucket safe wash, once dried it was on with the scratch removal. Various pads and polish combos tried until the right combo was found, lake country microfibre pads combined with meguiars 105 was found to be the best for cutting the solid German paintwork. Always best to start with the least aggressive combination and work up but German paintwork really is solid so quite an aggressive setup is required. Once the paint was sorted it was then given a coat of spray wax to give it a bit protection. Once finished it was home then off to the vets for a check up for the big ginga ninja 🐕

Another busy day, just glad the weather held out for it. First was an interior clean, seats were badly stained so really needed it. Managed to get them clean except for one stain that wouldn't budge no matter what was thrown at it. Then it was off to the next job, interior mini valet for the Outlander that I did last week. Just needed a vacuum and dash etc wiped down. Once done it was off to the 3rd and final job for the day, silver valet for the mini. Inside was vacuumed then dash etc cleaned then seats cleaned. Onto the outside and the rain was blowing through, wheels cleaned then car snowfoamed then rinsed off and washed. Because of the rain waxing it was a no go so it was given a coat of Fusion sealant, simple spray on and rinse off so perfect to apply in the rain. Trims etc were dressed and windows cleaned then it was job done.

Couple of valets from today, first was my buddy Keith's Toyota Celica, it's going up for sale so he wanted it looking as good as possible. Interior was vacuumed then the leather was given a clean along with the dash and centre console. Outside was snowfoamed then washed with the usual 2 buckets then dried. Once dried it was given a coat of infinity wax dark wax, this wax is amazing as the pictures show, really gives it depth and gloss. Tyres dressed and windows cleaned then it was off to the next job. Next was the Fiat Panda for a silver valet, wasn't too bad but the customer wanted it freshened up, inside vacuumed and the seats given a going over with the wet vac, the colour enhancers in the product used will bring out the best of the red seats. Outside was given the usual treatment with a coat of Chrome spray wax, white can be difficult to get a good gloss from but it now looks as fresh as new.

Couple of silver valets today, first was the VW Golf, inside was vacuumed then given a going over with the wet vac, dash, plastics and windows cleaned then onto the outside, wheels had a fair bit of baked on brake dust but eventually got them cleaned. Once dried and waxed it was off to the next job. Next was the Honda CR-V, same as before, inside all cleaned then outside, came up really well so another very happy customer.