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village herbarium health store

3 Allport Lane, Bromborough, United Kingdom
Health Food Store



we are a small independant health store sellings all your herbal requirements plus we offer alternative therapies such as food intolerance,hypnotherapy,reiki, reflexology and massages. all our soaps,deodorants ets are parabin,sls and chemical free. We are not only a Health Store we also have on offer a number of Holistic Therapies. We have Hypnotherapy for a wide range of things from Losing Weight,Stop Smoking,Fears,Stress,IBS,Phobias and many more.We offer Reflexology and Reiki for a wide range of complaints.Massages for relaxation,stress,arthritis,injuries,nerve pain etc, Food Intolerance Testing is available twice a month. Please ring shop to make appointments.


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Sounds like the last thing u need but well worth it.....just try.....

People are being fooled by these things.....wait till lung cancer soars....if Uv gót one of these stop using it today to protect your health....