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308 Canford Lane, Bristol, United Kingdom
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22 years dog grooming experience. I like to take in to account peoples needs and happy to trim for practical purposes as well as looking pretty/handsome!  I work one to one, with no dogs having to wait.
A usual session would be to get to know a little about the dog, understanding any issues, skin problems etc. then a thorough bath and blow dry whilst continuously brushing to get the coat and skin in a healthy state.
After that depending on the breed, a clip and
trim and length of coat varies according to the needs of the dog and owner. And trimming the nails if needed.


Keep cool my hairy friends! My tips for this heatwave are...... Lots to drink! Early morning walks! And check the pavement temperature before stepping on it! Comb out all that dead hair to let the air circulate! Have a happy summer!

Before, bathed and after.

A pretty Sheltie!

Lovely cockerpoo!

Two pretty Llasa apsos.

A hand stripped border terrier. A very good boy!

Such a well behaved girl!

Before...and after..

Before and after stripping a border terrier. Such a good boy!

Well thats over for another 6 weeks!

Dogs are so clever!


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