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Parish of Mary Mother of God, Bradford

54 St Paul's Avenue, Bradford, United Kingdom
Catholic Church



Sunday Masses: Saturday Vigil: 6.15pm, St Winefride's (BD6 1ST); Sunday: 9.15am, St Winefride's; 11;15am, St John the Evangelist's (BD6 3NS). We invite the people of south Bradford to participate in our community of faith in the Risen Lord Jesus.


This afternoon's evangelisation walkabout was brilliant. We divided the streets around Smith Avenue into five zones and knocked on doors and engaged people on the pavements for more than two hours. Lots of people wanted nothing to do with us but a good number did and each team had several blessed conversations. Exhausting and exhilerating.

Our volunteer bakers will be producing delicious things for you to enjoy after each of the Parish Mission evening events next week. Please come along, bring family, bring friends, bring more cake!

The Friars share an inspirational story on the power of prayer ahead of our Parish Mission

The members of one of our coffee bar teams - Pat McUrich and Margaret Mason - cannot be present this Sunday for refreshments after our 9.15am Mass. Could somebody stand in for them please? You need to be able to smile and take money - in fact if you can only do the latter, that'll be fine. Please contact the Parish Office. We want to show off the parish to the friars.

These friars will be doing some serious hand-skaking as they go round Smith Avenue and the surrounding streets today (Saturday, 1-4pm) and Buttershaw tomorrow (Sunday, 7-8pm) encouraging people to come to our Parish Mission. Show your support by accompanying them with leaflets. Join us at the Presbytery for 1pm today. You have the grace of Confirmation - what more do you need?

We're still waiting for somebody to take responsibility for the bar at St Winefride's for our Parish Mission socials on Tuesday and Thursday evenings next week. In the meantime I've been out to buy the booze. You can imagine the comments I received!

This Sunday afternoon the Friars will be attending our usual 4pm Holy Hour and Fr Gabriel has invited all parishioners who will be playing a part in the Mission to join them. Let's anchor our Mission in prayer through adoring Our Risen Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament! This Sunday's Holy Hour will be at St John the Evangelist's Church.

The Friars will begin the Mission by doing something striking. On Saturday, 1-4pm, they will be walking the streets around Smith Avenue knocking on doors and inviting people along. They'll do the same on Sunday between 7pm and 8pm in Buttershaw. Please sign up to act as guides and companions for them and report to the presbytery at the beginning of each session.

New Catholic Alison Park has kindly agreed to coordinate social media during our Parish Mission. Please send your pictures to her via the Parish Office and she'll disseminate them through our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please take pictures with abandon on your smartphones!

Thanks to everybody who has signed up for jobs for our Parish Mission which starts this weekend. Could somebody take responsibility for the bar at St Winefride's for the two social events on Tuesday and Thursday evenings? NB This is a Catholic mission.

Our parish Walking Group are organising a weekend away to Forrest of Bowland, 9th to 11th November at Roeburnscar Cottage, near Bentham. The cost of the weekend will be £40. The cottage sleeps 9. For further information see or contact Susan Uttley on 07984370380. £10 deposit will secure you a place. Not to be missed!


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