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Quadring Garage, Bagshot Road,, Bracknell, United Kingdom
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Home of Mulgari bespoke vehicles

Body Shop - Detailing - Performance Tuning - Servicing - Storage Mulgari Automotive is the door to prestigious design, fabrication, paint refinement and storage facility of luxury vehicles. Based in the Royal County of Berkshire.

From design and development, We build and supply, proven engineering with an eye for perfection and detail. Driven by passion

We truly are a one of a kind business within the industry. Where relaxation and passion for vehicles come hand in hand.

We can cater for your every need:
Vehicle Design  
Vehicle Development  
Vehicle Detailing
Vehicle Fabrication & Refinement
Storage facility
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Good Morning everyone :) so we have a little treat for you and allowing you to potentially get your hands on a ICON02™. Are good friends over on BOTB have got another ICON02™ up for grabs in there weekly competition so please head over and check that out. But also the guys dropped by the other day and did a little feature in which you see the new Black and Yellow ICON02™ Press Car in its vibrant glory please check out the video on there Youtube with Images coming soon. #BOTB #Mulgari #ICON02 #Mini #Win

There's a new look for the 2018 F56 ICON02 press car! Full reveal coming soon

Our head technician Dan giving the final seal of approval on what has proved to be a rather technical project.

There is a common misconception that BMW Frozen paint finishes are delicate and hard to look after. In fact they are the complete opposite. The matte surface finish doesnt marr like traditional gloss paintwork so after general washing the paintwork continues to have a uniform finish, no micro scratches, no marring. This doesn't mean that the paint work shouldn't be protected. Daily contaminates and road crime can still effect the paints finish. The most common is gloss enhancing shampoo's being used, which as you would expect turns the matte more to a satin. Gtechniq have C1 which when applied gives the same protection properties as the more commonly know Crystal Serum. C1 doesn't have to offer the same scratch resistance as crystal serum so is focused on fallout protection. Once coated the paintwork is seal from the forementioned issues, sealing and protection the matte finish. For more information on protection for your vehicle then please feel free to contact us.

There is a place where the car ends and you begin. But where it resides depends on you. For most, it’s where the soles of the feet meet the accelerator, or where their fingers that grip the steering wheel. For others, it’s more physical – in the leg muscles and shoulders – as if the drive comes to them. Or in the air, where the sound waves flick at their eardrums. Built for the drive, the F56 ICON02.

2018 ICON02 evolution coming soon

Time and attention to detail is what it takes to complete proper paint work. All Mulgari paintwork starts with the removal of parts from the vehicle. This is the key detail to a flawless Mulgari finish

Allow us to introduce chassis #004 - Midnight black with our frozen steel grey finish.

Coming to the end of what has been a challenging restoration. An 80’s supercar icon, a car that still to this day is a mad as it looks. #supercarrestoration #mulgari #souldrivers #lamborghini #countach

Tea? Coffee? Please relax and someone will be right with you.

Another ICON02 journey beginning..... Another driver awaits the delivery of that smile, that engagement, that passion.

Another British Icon build nearing competition.


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