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Nessie's Little Monsters

49 Beechwood Drive, Blackburn, United Kingdom
Day Care



Providing a warm, safe, friendly, home environment with a family atmosphere in which children feel valued, can play, learn and develop.  Children will receive a lot of individual attention whilst enjoying interaction with others.  
A typical childminder day

Although my aim is to provide a "home from home" setting for the children in my care, even at home children need some sort of routine so that they understand the pattern of how their day will run. Therefore, although activities will be based around the needs of individual children, there will be a loose structure that will be followed to ensure that older children get to school on time, and that the younger children get to socialise at events outside my home such as toddler groups, music and cookery groups, and also to ensure that children learn the rhythm of their week and everyday lives.

Typical Daily Routine
This is a typical routine - not a rigid timetable that has to be followed! As a childminder I understand that children need to be treated as individuals.

Arrival from 7.30 am
Free play
8.00 Breakfast
8.30 – 9.15 School/nursery drop off followed by morning activity/outing including music groups, cookery groups, toddler groups, visit to the park etc.
11.30 onwards Nursery pickups
12.00 pm Free play at home followed by lunch
12.30 - 1.00 Rest time – either sleep or doing quiet activities downstairs i.e. looking at books, puzzles or just resting quietly on the sofa

Themed Activity – to follow theme of the moment including looking at seasons, any celebrations such as children's birthdays, Pancake day, multicultural celebrations etc.
3.00 – 3.45 School pick up – we will walk to pick up where possible
3.45 onward Snack time
4.00 Free play/ continuation of themed activity for children returning from school
5.30 Home time
Children collected

Please note:
•   The routine can be adapted to suit individual children, i.e. if your child sleeps in the morning instead of after lunch then provision can be made for this.
•   Activities will vary in the holidays, when there will be trips out with school age children, whilst also taking into account the needs of the younger children in the setting.
•   Part of each day will be spent outdoors, as not only is this a requirement of EYFS, but it is also beneficial for the children to get used to and enjoy fresh air and a variety of activities.
•   Examples of morning activities include music groups and singing at the local library, toddlers group, visits to the park and to feed the ducks, collecting leaves to make collages, visits to the farm to see the animals, visits to the library and local shops to learn about the local community, and many more!
•   Examples of afternoon themed activities include music and movement, creative "messy play" such as making collages with the leaves and other things we may have picked up on our morning walk! Other examples are painting, sticking and gluing, cooking, making and playing with play dough, and following themes including making cards for Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day, preparing for a birthday, following other religions or cultures celebrations and many more!



No buddy, for us this year! Thanks emma, think they will love it!

Looking forward to the next two weeks planning. Here is a page from the story we will be sharing.

The road is closed at the junction of langdale road.

Thank you so much for the food donations, superb response! 85 meals donated, brilliant. Xx The above link is a guide to help you applying for the 30 hours, I know a few of you are struggling so I hope this helps. xx

My phone is currently sat in a tub of rice, if you need to contact me today please call 07931540598. thanks Vanessaxx

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Meet Stanley the skeleton. Our be healthy and active week is going to be so much fun! Homework for the week is to bring empty packets of the food we eat which is high in calcium. See you all next week. Xx

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Merry Christmas to all of my lovely children and their families, and to Gemma and Emma. Thank you so much for all of your lovely presents, I feel blessed. Hope Santa has has been kind and you all and you all have an amazing day. Xxxxx

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Thank you Emma, Gemma and the little monsters for the beautiful flowers. Really cheered me up. Xx

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Thanks ewood florist for the loan of the wedding stuff.. Mr and Mrs Scarecrow had the best wedding ever. Xx

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Photos from Nessie's Little Monsters's post

Welcome to the gruesome grub cafe!!!

Photos from Nessie's Little Monsters's post

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Just order 9 of these to got with the new outdoor play area!

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Happy birthday Nessie have a great day and I hope that you get spoilt rotten!! 🎉🎈🍫🎁😍😂 #ishavedmyeyebrowsoff



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