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Sherwood Forresters Longbow Archery Club

Barlborough Hall School, Park Street, Barlborough, United Kingdom
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SFLAC is a longbow only archery club whose aim is to promote the use and enjoyment of traditional English longbows and warbows. SFLAC is a longbow only archery club whose aim is to promote the use and enjoyment of traditional English longbows and warbows.We shoot in the grounds of Barlborough Hall, Barlborough, Derbyshire, J30 M1. We are two minutes from the Motorway and we are ideally situated for longbow archery in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

The area used by the Club on a day-to-day basis is in excess of 12 acres of rough grass and trees including a small wood, ideal for Roving Mark and Field Shoots. Our target field is approximately 50 yards by 180 yards (plus an extra 150 yards overshoot) and is mown every week.

Why are we different from other archery clubs?

We only shoot English longbows. Whilst most other clubs seem to shoot only in one or maybe two disciplines such as target or field archery, we ask what is wrong with other styles of archery? At Sherwood Forresters we shoot target, clout, roving, field and all forms of archery. We like to think we have put the fun back into archery and that variety is the spice of life as they say!


Paul's post from the forum: Good turnout of a dozen at Barlborough on a bitterly cold and grey morning. Have a go Jo was supervised by Mr Wilson,so well that she booked three more beginner sessions on the spot.Welcome Jo. Friendly shooting and banter was the order of the day,presided over by Gary who stepped up to act as Field Captain. We neglected to show the customary gratitude, so on behalf of all a belated "Three cheers for the Field Captain", and thank you Gary. Barn owl spotted in the left hand trees just before close of play, apart from by Paul M stood directly below it. Hope to see you all next weekend,a couple of degrees warmer would be nice! Paul

Darn, now got 2 to fix

The forlorn hope, sometimes deep down we just know that arra aint commin back.

Paul's post from the forum: An exceptionally mild and sunny morning enticed ten archers out for the pre Christmas sesson.As agreed last week, a two team roving competition was held utilising the full range of our shooting area.Richard led one tme, Your humble Narrator the second, and a very close competiton ensued, at most ends the difference being a point ether way.However in the closing ends Richards team pulled away, and the scores ended at 56-49 in Richards favour. A lovely morning was had by all. I shall be woring next weekend, so wish you all a very Merry Christmas, see you in 2018 Paul

Paul's post from the forum: A chilly morning saw 9 archers plus Phil on his begginer session brave the cold. Proceedings began with George, kindly field captain ing ,unveiling the Peter Rodgers target discussed in previous posts.It was duly christened by three arrows per archer,withLiz taking the honours.Liz declined the wine prize,and a two arrow end saw Hendo beat the field.Thanks are due to George for his efforts, and for keeping Peter in the forefront of our memories. The rest of the morning was spent in a steady progression of ends, good to see Cass for the later ends. Phil completed his beginners sessions, and is intending to become a member, a warm welcome to you Phil. Discussion at close if play suggested that next week we do something a little different as a pre Christmas treat.Consensus seems to be a mixed rove in two team s,should be interesting. Hope you all have a good lunch at the pub,and see you next week

Copied and pasted on behalf of George so that it appears in the main timeline - "The larger of the club's two ' bag targets ' is in a very poor state bordering on the unusable and is ready for the knackers yard. I had a small recurve field archery bow that used to belong to our past archery friend Peter Rodgers and I have decided to put it to good use by selling it and purchasing a ' 90 cm Mybo Hotshot ' bag target. This target is for the exclusive use of SFLAC members only and I am sure that Peter would have approved. When I bring it to the club we can christen it by having a small competition by shooting six arrows each at 20 / 25 paces in Peter's name. The archer whose arrow is nearest the chosen mark on the target will win a bottle of wine. George"

A piece on this years gathering is now online in the December FAN UK online magazine.

Never gonna hear the last of this, Wez gets a first place certificate at the Shirebowmen Stanford Hall rove.

10 minutes of bright sunshine, then ........................

A couple in the gold for Bry.


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