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Boo's Classic Minis

66, Demesne Road, Ballynahinch, United Kingdom
Automotive Repair Shop



Classic and completion minis. Restoration, respray, competition preparation. Second hand and new parts bought and sold.


Parts in for those who were waiting

The Monte Carlo awaiting a date for mot

Jacks GT in for mot prep

As we get time we will be putting a lot of mini parts up for sale the amount of parts I have is just getting out of hand and running out of space parts from £5 thanks for looking and shout if you need anything

For sale £170 per set Two sets of mamba wheels Set 1- 6x10 all with legal Yokohama a008 tyres, centers and nuts Set 2 -5x10 all with legal Yokohama a008 tyres,centers and nuts

This one coming near a end now

You need to be up early in the morning to beat Ben Cahoon about 7:20 Jimmy Dougan lol

All work and no play makes boo a dull boy 😂

Hard to beat the sound of minis with straight cuts bouncing of the wall

Went to do a oil change think I know what’s wrong with my 3th gear

We will be sponsoring minis in the city this year and be there with our stall


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