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Well that’s it for 2017, it’s been a great year, a few new qualifications and some new work. Of course, we have had many passes and a few fails along the way, but we got there in the end. Thanks to all my pupils in 2017 for all your business and look forward to seeing what 2018 brings. Happy Christmas and have a great New Year. Adam

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Hooker who passed his test today FIRST TIME. Well done mate good luck with it all. See you on the roads.

DRIVING LESSONS If your looking to start driving in the new year or know of someone looking for an instructor it time to get booked in now as space is limited. Bookings being taken for end of January beginning of February already so don’t hold off any longer. Contact Adam 07519 055606

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa Summerfield who passed her test with ease today at Warwick. Well done see you on the roads.

Another morning with National Grid Fleet Training......

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Joely Wilkins who passed her test today at Warwick with 6 minors. Joely has suffered with her nerves and today FINALLY cracked them. Well done good luck on the roads.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan Taylor who passed his test FIRST TIME today with 9 minors. Well done Nath. Enjoy your new car and freedom. See you on the roads.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Kody Beames who passed his test today at Warwick with only 7 minors. Well done mate. Well deserved.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Lauren Osborne who passed her test today with flying colours FIRST TIME with only 3 minors. Well done enjoy your new freedom.

I feel immensely proud to finally be able to say. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Harry Compton who passed his test today. We have struggled with nerves but today was the day. Well done mate. Enjoy it and good luck in the future.

So here is the official video for the new Driving test as from 4th December 2017. Have a look see what you think.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Alice May Roads who passed her test today at Warwick, with only 5 minors. Well done.


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