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Personal Trainer Aberdeen

, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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Personal Trainer Aberdeen offer completely private training in one to one specialised studios Personal Trainer Aberdeen formed by Colleen Duncan and Kyle Hewitt in July of 2013 has replaced the existing business of Principia Fitness. Colleen founded Principia Fitness in July of 2007 which was previously based in Altens. In July 2013 Colleen and Kyle moved into a larger premises and in October introduced a new full time Personal Trainer.  There are exciting times ahead for Personal Trainer Aberdeen who are already looking ahead Colleen and Kyle's future plans are to move into larger premises and employ more Trainers.

Personal Trainer Aberdeen are the only Personal Training company in Aberdeen that offer completely private training in one to one specialised studios, where it is only you and your trainer. We never work with clients in an open gym environment with no excess fee for gym memberships required.

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