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Thai Buddharam Temple and Cultural Centre

East Lodge, Queen Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Buddhist Temple



Thai Buddharam Temple and Cultural Centre SCIO
East Lodge Queens Road, Aberdeen, AB15 6YX

Thai Buddharam Temple and Cultural Centre SCIO is a charitable organisation registered in Scotland. It was founded by a group of dedicated volunteers of whom are majority Thai Buddhists and their families, in the North East of Scotland.


Message from Crime Reduction Unit, Police Scotland, North East Division, Aberdeen Hate Crime Campaign 2018 Hate Crime is a priority for Police Scotland with campaigns running on a yearly basis in order to increase awareness and encourage reporting. Our campaign this year will run from Friday 16th to Saturday 31st March 2018 and will seek to build upon the success of previous campaigns. It will be a targeted campaign and will focus predominantly on offenders. Messaging, publications and activity will be designed for specific target audiences’, particularly young people and the night time economy. The aim of our Hate Crime Campaign this year is to raise awareness on what constitutes a Hate crime/incident, the impact on victims and the consequences to offenders. To achieve our aims we will seek to increase awareness of what constitutes a Hate crime and reinforce to offenders that it will not be tolerated. Through the use of campus/school link officers we will also raise awareness among secondary school pupils and staff on what constitutes a Hate crime, the impact on victims and the consequences for offenders. We'll also work with key partners and stakeholders to spread the campaign messages, raise awareness of Hate crime reporting methods, including Third Party Reporting, and how Police Scotland deals with Hate crime. The campaign key messages include: • Tackling Hate crime is a priority for Police Scotland and that we take Hate crime very seriously. • Hate crime is a serious crime; there can be long lasting consequences for offenders. • Regardless of your occupation and no matter the circumstances, Hate crime is unacceptable and should be reported. Your concerns will be taken seriously and treated with respect. • Do not be a bystander, if you witness a Hate crime, please report it. Our campaign target audience is primarily young people aged 11 to 18 years, with a secondary target audience of persons engaged in the night time economy. Any queries, please feel free to get back in touch.

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