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MACACOS erbjuder äntligen äkta ekologisk fryst Açaí! MACACOS finns på ICA Maxi och ICA Kvantum - kolla i frysdisken! För fler återförsäljare se



Supergod och nyttig frukost på 2 minuter: såhär gör du en enkel Graviola Bowl! Glad påsk från MACACOS <3

Från och med IDAG hittar ni Macacos Acai Smoothies på Jungle Juice Bar i Stockholm! Jungle Juice Bar är en av Finlands största juicekedjor som nyligen öppnat i Sverige! De finns i Gallerian på Hamngatan, Gallerian i Liljeholmen och Kista Galleria! 😍🤗🍇✨🧚‍♂️💚💛💜🌴❤️

Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for recipe inspiration, new video is out soon! ☺️

ENERGIA PURA!!!! MACACOS is a family business from Sweden started year...2014! We are spreading purple love (💜) from the Amazon Rainforest to Sweden and Norway - and soon more countries in Europe! Today we have launched Organic Frozen Acaí and other frozen superfruits. Stay tuned because this spring we will launch a lot of news 👀🙊🌴💛 Macacos Acaí Song - Made by Simone Moreno ✨🎶🥁

Are you ready for weekend?? Cajá is a fruit that, in the first time of its life, has been exported outside Brazil where it grows. The country is Sweden. Cajá can land at your table tonight. A magical dessert called Gino. You will be unique. You will be the one. Watch this video to get the recipe.

For those who don't know how to make an Açaí Bowl at home, we'll publish a series with different special people showing you how to make their own versions of Açaí Bowls. We start with Camille Sucasas. And a lot more to come. Then maybe YOU will send us your own version to be published? 🎬😘 PS. this is the way of opening bananas 🍌;')! Notice the "Macacos acaí feature Simone Moreno" our own super-hit created by our favorit Brazilian artist Simone Moreno😉😍☀️🎼 #Macacosinthemaking#MacacosAcai

Vad tror ni Carolina Gynning äter innan resan för att hålla sig frisk ;)? Gör som Gynning och boosta immunförsvaret med Acai! Macacos Acai hittar ni i frysdisken på ICA och utvalda matbutiker!

Kickstarta din morgon med Acai Bowl! Recept: 1 Acai-block (100g), Macacos 1 dl frysta blåbär 2 dl mandelmjölk 1 banan Topping Färska blåbär Kokosflingor Jordnötssmör Receptet är skapat av Linn Herbertsson på Metromode, läs hela inlägget här:

Den nya gröten: en god, nyttig och julig "Graviola Bowl"!

Graviola Christmas Bowl now at GrabGreen Cafe 👅🍈😍✨🎁🎄

There is actually a reason why people get addicted by Açaí. Our bodies feel the nutrition and vitamin boost you get from Açaí - and there is where the craving is created... Açaí might look like a blueberry, but little do they have in common except from the look and high amount of antioxidants. First of all, Açaí is a fruit not a berry. Açaí grows in a palm three in the tropical Amazon rainforest when blueberry grows in bushes in colder climates. Açaí is indeed a very special fruit! It is a fruit that not contain any sugar, not even fruit sugar!!! Instead of sugar, it produces healthy omegas, a lot of fibers (many people can notice that by eating Açaí), a various amount of vitamins and minerals such as iron and is number 1 in the Orac value list (orac value is the measurement of antioxidants) of all fruits/berries. There are only a few spices that contains more antioxidants than Açaí. Blueberry for example contains 10 times less antioxidants than Açaí. However we believe in eating a big variety of food and not excluding anything that is good for us. Variety could be, for example peanut-butter as topping on an Açaí after a workout session then blueberries/raspberries and granola as topping for breakfast. Oh and one more thing, except from all the nutrition you get from eating Açaí it is actually kinda yummy, as well. Isn't it amazing when you can enjoy your food both the flavors and the feeling after eating it? Well that is the thing about Açaí. Delicious AND nutritious💜💜🤤 #MacacosAcai#AcaiAddicted

Fannie Redman, PT och bloggare på Metro Mode visar hur man startar veckan på bästa sätt: Acai Bowl med protein och Guaraná!! Visste du att guaraná innehåller dubbelt så mycket koffein som kaffe?!? Indianernas energikälla innan jakt! (Macacos överlevnad en måndagsmorgon)...

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