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When you buy one of our belts you sponsor the removal of a landmine, and we will send a video of the detonation of the landmine you sponsored.
Notmine is for positive, and socially intelligent people who value the look and feel of ethically produced, organic leather belts and fresh cotton  t-shirts which prevent landmines from killing kids.

If you imagine for a moment.. a child you have never met, growing up to be a happy and healthy parent themselves.. you are sharing our vision.

In order to achieve this vision we are working to fund demining teams in Bosnia-Herzegovina,Tajikistan and Zimbabwe.

You can now order one of the first one hundred of our belts by buying a belt and/ or a t-shirt now via our crowdfunding campaign at FundedByMe.

NotMine is the first brand created by LivestyleClothing, an ethically cool clothing movement that provides you with the ability to have the profit of your purchase benefit society as opposed to self centered shareholders.