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Sweden Film Commission

Greta Garbos väg 11, Stockholm, Sweden



Sweden Film Commission Sweden has everything you're looking for. Despite what you might have heard, it's much closer than you think, easy to reach and a lot warmer than you might have imagined. Sorry, we can't give you winter in July; but throughout much of the country, we guarantee it anytime from December to April.

True, Sweden is an ultramodern country with all the high-tech gadgetry and urban sophistication; but just off the superhighway you'll find plenty of freely available, naturally wild and historically significant places that haven't changed in centuries (or we'll find them for you).

Parts of Sweden will make you think you're in continental Europe (oh, how charming), but we have a lot more space and everyone speaks English. Your people will love it.

Whatever your needs, we can provide every conceivable film-production service or piece of equipment, delivered by dedicated, experienced crews and merited professionals, along with excellent value for your production dollar. We have fully equipped sound stages in four strategic locations.  And you will appreciate the fact that Swedes are renowned for efficiency, punctuality and getting things done.

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Sweden Film Commission's cover photo

Stockholm, Skeppsbron Photo Credits: Ola Ericson/

Sweden Film Commission's cover photo

Vill locka storfilm till Sverige med skatterabatt

Right now in Stockholm.

Little Darling Shining in Cannes! | Swedish Ninja studio design furniture and interior

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Women in film "Wikipedia" planned

Southern Sweden Creatives

Southern Sweden Creatives

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We would like to thank all Partners and Sponsors who supported our pavilion in Cannes 2016.

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Norwegian & Swedish Film Commissions in Cannes

The bar is open!

Norwegian & Swedish Film Commissions in Cannes

Norwegian & Swedish Film Commissions in Cannes


Norwegian & Swedish Film Commissions in Cannes



But of course.


NEAR Sweden Film Commission

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