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Nordic News Center & IRRI

Karolinska vägen 18, Solna, Sweden



The Nordic News Center & Intnl Resource Research Institute. (PRRICM)
Programme, Resource, Research Intnl Contribution-ism & Think Tank Organisation
Nordic News Center & International Resource Research Institute

Since the first start, Nordic News Center, has always been working on the improvement and establishment of a professional international network of bloggers, authors, scholars and investigative journalists.
Nordic News Center counts among its regular contributors a number of prominent writers, bloggers, researchers and academics as well as several promising young authors.  The underlying concept is the social media culture of “democratization” of research and media reporting, while maintaining high standards of investigation and analysis.
Many of our Nordic News Center authors have developed their own blog sites. Our focus has been to acknowledge and support our authors’ blog sites while we also promoting several partner alternative media websites. In turn, Nordic News Center articles are widely cross-posted by the independent online media culture.
Emphasis has been placed on establishing a comprehensive archive of Nordic News Center articles and audiovisual material.
The Nordic News Center archive includes several thousand articles and news reports. In addition, several thousand authors have and will continue to contribute to The Nordic News Center.
Since the launching of Nordic News Center, we have developed an archive of videos, classified by theme, main category and geographic region.

Nordic News Center is in the game to win and be awarded by different press club prizes, for the “Best independent research website” at the international level.
Nordic News Center support and see several of its bloggers, reporters, journalists and authors strive to be reviewed as winners.
Nordic News Center has as a goal to become one of the main independent media websites in the African, Scandinavian, Nordic and Baltic regions.
While Nordic News Center operates on a shoe string budget compared to the well-endowed establishment think tanks, our goal is still to have more readers than the big think tanks and designed media dinosaurs.

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent. With almost twelve million square miles including adjacent islands, it covers six percent of the earth’s total surface area and 20.4 percent of the total land area. With one billion people, it accounts for about 15 percent of the world’s human population.
Africa has 54 fully recognized sovereign states (countries), nine territories and three de facto states with limited recognition. Africa is considered by most paleoanthropologists to be the oldest inhabited territory on earth, with the human species originated from the continent.
Economy situation
Agriculture is the backbone of the economy in this continent. In rural areas agriculture is the source of livelihood for 80 percent of the people and on average it contributes over third to GDP. In March 2013 Africa was identified as the world’s poorest inhabited continent; however World Bank expects that most African countries will reach “middle income” status (defined as at least US$1000 per person a year) by 2025 if current growth rates continue.


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