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Ice Music

Gültzauudden, Luleå, Luleå, Sweden
Music Production Studio



The Ice Music festival 2017 will be on the Sea ice in North harbor (N.hamn), Luleå in Swedish Lapland February 10 & 11 at 19.00
Free entrance! Fri Entré!
The owners and creators of Ice Music in Swedish Lapland are the artists Tim Linhart and his wife Birgitta Linhart. Both are experienced ice artist and have now started their project to build Luleås first ice concert hall at Gültzauudden. Where there will be ice music concerts playing each winter season from mid January til the last weekend in March. All the instruments that will be played in the ice concert hall will also be made of ice! Warmly welcome!



Ice Music in the Italian Alps 2008

Article about the EG Conference where Tim spoke last week.

Tim is getting interviewed by The Weather Channels top ten serie about weather wonders Here's the livestream link!

Today Tim Linhart will speak about Ice Music at and you can watch it through livestreem! Tim speaks at 2pm California time. I get you the link a little later.

Ice Music Festival 2017

From tonight's concert the "Games of Thrones" about 1000 people in the audience. Great night. Tomorrow: The Max Martin tribute in Ice!


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