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David Leets Custom Workshop är för alla som är intresserade av golfutrustning och custom fitting. Här kan vi byta erfarenheter, ställa frågor och diskutera det senaste inom golfutrustning och allt som rör golfspelet.


Ping G400 / Titleist 716 CB Comparison Being a Ping Fitter I have just received the new G400 irons as an addition to my fitting equipment. Having seen some online info posted by both Ping affiliated staff and others I thought I´d compare them to my own irons. The standard G400 7 iron as it turns out just about identical to my own Titleist CB 6 iron. Length 37,5" Loft CB 30* G400 29.5* Swingweight D0.5 Shaft CBTitleist Nippon 105T S 113g Shaft G400 Ping AWT 2.0 S 104g Slight difference in the published shaft weights although I didn´t feel it while hitting. The total weight of both clubs is 420g I hit 8 Tltleist NXT tour S with each club alternating after every other ball. I hit two mega pulls with The G400 and one with The CB. These I deleted as they gave some false distance to both. The G400 I thought was enormous. The face area almost making the ball look small. The offset making me careful to not close the blade at address. Impact sound with The Ping was slightly more "clicky" probably due to the thinner face. Here are the numbers, judge for yourselves. Apples to Apples pretty similar. #titleist716CB #pingg400

Sterling Single Length irons finns i lager för personligt fitting.

Swedish AimPointers, we have just taken delivery of some great AimPoint and puttning training aids. These include Slope Boards, Express PLGs, Callibration Strips, Aim Lines and Putter Line Mirrors. Contact me for more info and pricing.

Loft and Lie changes for a nice set of hickorys this morning. Huge variation in weights, had to bend one club 12 degrees. Soft as butter

Posted a couple of weeks ago on the prodigious ball striking of Christofer Blomstrand. Well he took that ball striking and a hot putter down to Afrika and won second time out. Congrats Kritan :)

This golfer wanted the exact same feel from his grips as his favorite 3 wood. The set comprised of 4 different types of shafts with varying thicknesses and rates of taper. By taking exakt measurements at 2 and 6 inches from the end of the shaft we were able to replicate grip thickness throughout the set to the nearest 0,005 mm. #customfit

These things of beauty are available for testing from today, come and give them a roll over the weekend

Loft, lie and shot distance check with @titleist ambassador Christofer Blomstrand. Some prodigious ball striking to start the week. Christofer uses 716 Titleist CB irons up to #6 and crosses to The Titleist T-MBs in #5 - #3

Nothing new here but this golfer improved her drives by simply hitting a driver with a suitable length (shorter) and weight (heavier). Average carry from 114m to 132m and total distance from 132m to 150m. It doesn´t matter how good the design of your driver is you still need centered impact to hit your best drives. #customfit

Tested the Single Length (SL) irons compared to my regular Titleist Cavity Back 716s (CB) today. Conditions were a chilly 3* C with a slight tail wind. Trackman was set to "Normalized" for consistency with future tests and the balls used were Titleist NXT Tour. The SL irons are all 37 3/8" with a swingweight of D2. The CB irons are Ttileist std length. The head models and shafts used in this test aren´t identical, althougth pretty close, so strictly speaking it can´t be described as a true "apples to apples" comparison. This is a test of how one golfer hit the two sets and is of course open to interpratation. I took the average of 3 good strikes per club and it took between 3 and 6 shots to achieve :). The 3, 4 & 5 SL irons flew lower and required more effort from myselt to achieve a satisfactory trajectory. I can definately see the advantages of this concept for many golfers. Next step is to see how they perform on the course.

SINGLE LENGTH PROJECT. With the emergence of Bryson Dechambeau, the impending release of Tom Wishons Sterling Single Length Clubs and curiosity on my part I set about building my own set of SL irons. Having just received a new set of @titleist 716 CB irons I had a retired set of CB/MB irons gathering dust in the workshop. The mission with Single Length is that all irons have the same length, weight, lie, shaft, stiffness and so on negating the necessity for the player to adapt to varying lengths, weights and lies. One swing for all irons. On paper it all makes sense. There was a lot of drilling required, partly to remove weight in the shorter irons and partly to make room for heavier tungsten in the longer irons. All in order to make the heads the same weight. The clubs are now assembled with identical shafts and testing will begin shortly. Probably the first set of Single Length Titleist irons in Sweden and if not the first set left-handed for sure. Do you agree Rikard Blomstrand?


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