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The American School of Barcelona

Carrer Jaume Balmes, 7, Esplugas de Llobregat, Spain
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ASB is a private, non-profit co-educational day school with students from the ages of 3 to 18. We offer a university preparatory curriculum - including the IBDP - which provides its graduates access to American, Spanish and international universities.  ASB FACEBOOK PAGE RULES

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This July, ASB hosted the first international, open application, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Summer Writing Institute. During this five-day institute, small and large group sections tackled the central role of curriculum development and planning in the teaching of writing, units of study in writing, and genre studies in narrative, opinion, and information writing. Over 200 teachers from around the world, including the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as 13 teachers from ASB, attended the institute.

ASB hosts this week the first Columbia University Reading & Writing European Summer Institute with over 200 international educators! Exciting. @TCRWP

See this great video about RefugArt event filmed by Adam, a 9th grade student.

8th grade promotion video by Mr. Ignasi. Congratulations to all the students!

End of the year Middle School Assembly. Students explained all the activities they did in the last term. There was a rap battle, donations to Mary's Meal President, awards to readers, and many other interesting presentations.

Our 5th graders are ready to attend Middle School. They said goodbye to Elementary in a moving but happy promotion day.

Sports Day in Middle School !! Students had fun while playing games outdoors.

Group 4 Project by 11th grade students It's an essential component of all the science courses and must be completed by all Diploma programme students. The Project always involves the Grade eleven students working collaboratively in small groups on a science-related theme that is chosen by the science teachers here at ASB. This year’s project was very much hands-on and practical in nature. Demonstrating resourcefulness, resilience, creativity, an ability to work as part of a team and to take a risk or two along the way (all qualities of a good IB student!) each group was required to design and then construct something to meet a specific engineering goal. That goal was to build a bridge out of nothing but spaghetti and hot glue that, subject to certain mass and size constraints, could support the greatest weight without breaking. Students worked diligently for a day and a half on the project and looking at the results, it is obvious that there are some future engineers and architects of quality amongst this grade eleven cohort. The students had a lot of fun throughout the process, but especially during the final testing, and the Group 4 Project is a great way to wrap up a very successful junior year.

Congratulations K5 students, and welcome to 1st grade next year!

Cardboard challenge in PK4 today! Parents and students had an exciting time building means of transport from boxes, cutting and painting them. The result was absolutely excellent.

Congratulations Class of 2017 !!