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Heli Bros

Laze 44, Sempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia
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Heli Bros is a drone shop that uses the latest in UAV technologies to build custom drones, repair broken drones and film beautiful imagery from the sky.


Selling custom made HeliBros X8 multirotor setup. It has custom made frame out of high quality carbon and aluminium arms. Double battery and x8 setup for redundancy. Selling this thing with or without Ronin M/Connex mini »bundle«. Multirotor specs: - X8 T-motor MN4014-9 KV400 - X8 ESC KW40P - A2 flight controller with ability to connect IOSD - DYS octo power distribution board - S900 landing gear mechanism (longer carbon tubes to fit Ronin height) - X8 XOAR 17inch props - 4x 10 000mAh 6s Tattu battery pack - 9.2kg total weight (with batteries, without gimbal) -> 18min flight time - 1000mm frame diameter - Custom made carbon frame (3mm high quality plate) - JDM sticker-bombs on arms for extra SWAG and liftig capacity :) This setup has a lifting capacity of about 6kg, excluded the gimbal. Motors and ESCs have cca 3-4hrs of flight time so far, flight controler may a couple hours more. Can be equiped with FPV cam + DJI IOSD (power cables already instaled) to provide the pilot all the telemetry data needed. Right now there is no IOSD instaled, but I can instal, if the buyer wishes to. Flies really smooth and it's very stable in the air. Selling to the best offer. Mail:

Because we like JDM :D T-Motor

Something is brewing at the Heli Bros headquarters and we are excited to share this with you soon. Lets just say we’ve been using the word ‘Beast’ a lot around the office lately. #HeliBros #drone

Intelligence, Simplicity, Creativity = DJI Phantom 4 :)

You feeling dizzy yet? :)

In-house-milled top mount for DJI Ronin gimbal is finished. Now we can mount the gimbal on our new frame. #DJI #Ronin

New Stock! DJI Phantom 3 3DR Solo


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