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Preserska cesta 6, Radomlje, Slovenia
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H2O group is offering a complete range of services and equipment to achieve cost reduction, optimization and to reach optimal water supply system. Aiming to achieve a more efficient operation, we’d like to offer you a complete solution for the optimization of activities and cost reduction in water supply systems, which ensure the increase of revenue.
In everyday life, we are constantly faced with new challenges posed by legislation, weather conditions, pollution, growing number of consumers, defects, pressure changes and global increase of expenses. As a prudent master you need to decide for sanitation and investments in water supply networks, based especially on the existent data and concepts. Due to the lack of time, you are often forced to make rash decisions before being able to acquire quality information. Therefore, your decisions are based mostly on the experience of network or distribution managers and controllers.
The global increase of expenses (energy, manpower, “friendly” increase of state taxes, “friendly” restrictions in increasing your selling prices of water, etc.) is forcing you towards optimization and searching for your own reserves These can mostly be found in water loss reduction and operation optimization. A quality control of network operation and its segments would enable you to easily make effective, optimal and economical decisions, guaranteed to result in great savings or additional income.
We would like to introduce you to a complete solution for operation control, management and optimization of your water supply system, offering you the possibility to easily make effective, optimal and economical decisions. We are introducing you to a system allowing you to ensure quality distribution of drinking water.

We will be more than happy to respond to your call with professional knowledge, international experience and quality equipment. The comprehensive approach will enable you to manage a less stressful and optimum supply of drinking water at lower prices.


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