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, Bovec, Slovenia



Kanjavec is a 2569m mountain in the center of Triglav National Park. It lies between the Dolič Pass at 2,164m, the Hribarice Pass at 2,306m and the Prehodavci Pass at 2071m. Kanjavec is also a popular ski touring destination. From the summit, there is a nice panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. It is relatively easy to ascend, with a few exposed areas.Starting points Zadnjica (609m) Blato Mountain Pasture Savica HutRoutes 6¼hrs from Zadnjica, over the Prehodavci Pass 6hrs from Zadnjica, via the Dolič Pass 6hrs Koča pri Savici via the Triglav Lakes Valley 6¼hrs from Blato Mountain Pasture via the Mišelj Peak 5¾hrs from Blato Mountain Pasture via Za Kopico  6hrs from Blato Mountain Pasture over the Krstenica Mountain Pasture