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Tromso Arctic Reindeer Experience

Smaragdvegen 2, Tromsø, Norway
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Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience is the only complete reindeer experience carried out by traditional Sami Reindeer Herders within a close drive of Tromsø The Oskal family has been living with Reindeer  for hundreds if not thousands of years. Although the Saami, reindeer herders now use snow machines, boats and even helicopters to move their animals the traditions and their way of life still remain. We wish to share these traditions with you and leave you with a greater understanding of our way of life and history.

We also want you to have fun and experience the joy of being so close to our Reindeer, and then the feeling of coming from the cold outside into a warm lavu with the smells of a cooked lunch mixing with the log fire warming the senses and bringing with a peace and calm which is only increased as the sounds of the traditional joik fills the lavu.

This is a ritual which for us is an important way of life and it is our pleasure and aim to let you feel and experience it.

We look forward to welcoming you.