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Marielund 20, Tromsø, Norway
Computer Repair Service



SmallSoft AS in Tromsø, Norway is a company specializing in very fast web solutions and Android apps. This is the official page for the Norwegian company SmallSoft AS, with organization id 913 307 895.


Finally we can reveal the latest news from SmallSoft: We have established a subsidiary (owned 100% by myself) called FloppySoft AS. We are targeting the ever increasing retro market with a fully fledged application system on - yes, you guessed it - ONE old fashion 3.5 inch floppy disks, which was used by everybody back in the days. We are utilizing our own inhouse compression technology in combination with a cloud service, so each user only needs the information on a floppy to get access to all her personal information. In august we will introduce a series of products, but for now we will start with a simple accounting program specially configured for the Norwegian market (for now). The floppy will contain among other things a personal encrption key generated by a program on the floppy, so that we have never had this krypto key in our house. There will be one version for Mac, one for Windows and one for Linux, as well as a virtual floppy version for use in the cloud. Stand by for more details next week. Fun fact - if you arrange several smallsoft logos side by side and over and under, you will see a floppy icon in every junction between the images.