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Vacralinas Cattery

Vestre Tørbergsveien 232, Tørberget, Norway
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Welcome to my Cattery,hope you like my cats. My cats  live  like they are king and queen they are familymembers and I love them so much<3 Welcome to my Cattery.I have cats with super pedigree from Sandypaws,Grovewood,Karabel and  Kuorii.They are Hiimalayen and CPC. My cats are PKD negative,   they are tested by veterinary. They are registraded in NRR  FIFe. My cats live with us and get so much love, no cage they live like king and queen.They are very clean and get the best food for good health.I have a smaal Cattery at the time but I want to have good quallity so I will use some time to grow bigger.More pictures are coming on my side here.Hope to hear from you ,you are welcome to have a talk if you have any question just send me message.I am a very serious Cattery.



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