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Sea Safari Andenes

Hamnegata 9, Andenes, Norway



Sea Safari har som formål å tilby turister og befolkning opplevelse basert på båtturer med RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) fra Andenes havn. A sea safari – does that sound appealing? You can
almost smell the salt and sea air, and it sounds both brisk
and refreshing. It was Andøya that gave the world the
term ‘whale safari’ in 1989. Now you can get even closer
to the water and see the fauna and birdlife on the western
side of the island of Andøya as you have never seen
it before. You are invited to come and watch sea eagles
and puffins from aboard a safe and modern RIB boat. If
you’re lucky, you will see coastal seals, harbour porpoises
and small whales leaping in front of the boat. We cannot
promise that you will see a specific species, of course
– this is not a zoo – it is the wild, untamed west coast
of Andøya. We can guarantee one thing, however: you
will never forget this close encounter with nature and the
ocean as long as you live.
Once the sun rises above the horizon in the middle of
May, it doesn’t go down again until 25 July here in Andøy.
There’s nothing quite like sunny weather and the intense
Midnight Sun glowing just above the horizon. It can be
cloudy of course, but it never gets dark. And the scenery
is an attraction in itself. Explore Andøya on a thrilling
trip through the skerries, with their impressive birdlife
and fauna. We have three daily departures from Andenes

harbour to the western side of Andøya. We call at Otervika,
Rækvika and Høyvika before ending up at Stave.
On the return trip, we call at Bleiksøya island, one of the
most famous bird cliffs in Norway. There are 80,000 pairs
of nesting puffins there. Other species include cormorants,
auks and guillemots. And the sea eagles are waiting
for us!
En route, our experienced guide tells you about the area.
We guarantee an exciting and safe experience! Safety
on board has top priority. On safari trips, you will be
equipped with a survival suit, but you have to bring
along warm footwear, a hat and gloves yourself. The boat
is well-equipped and undergoes a thorough quality and
certification inspection every year. Our boats can accommodate
12 passengers.


Days of Whales!! The last week was an amazing week on sea, the last 3 days we met humpbacks , groups of sperm whales and today also orcas, but we saw more...the first puffins, eagles in the harbor waiting for the fishermen. and because our departures are on several times we can enjoy the light in the morning and the afternoon. Photos with the amazing arctic background telling you were you have been : Sea Safari Andenes , hamnegata 9 , 8480 Andenes. Book your trip by using the Book now button on this site , or call us direct +47 916 74 960 , go to or website : www.seasafariandenes.... or write an email : . just a little bit more with a personal touch.

Thanks for the winter orca season 2018 and the collaboration to Northern-Explorers and Lofoten Opplevelse!

As it seems, the Orca winter season has come to an end (Though, Orca sightings are possible throughout the whole year). Now we are seeing Sperm whales, often in aggregation like on this pictures. Yesterday we spotted a group of 15 Sperm whales. Their behaviour was very synchronized and they spent a long time on the surface around the boats. We had the propellers off and where just drifting with them, enjoying this incredible sightings of the world's largest predators.

Untagged in Andenes. Yesterday and today we had wonderful clear weather and the sun and the orcas did there best to make a nice weekend in Andenes, Vesterålen . This week looks to be a great week to , we still have some places so book your trip through facebook, our website, email : or by phone : +47 916 74 960 . .

27.1.18 And the Orcas are still here. We followed one pod from the Fjord, where they where feeding, to the open sea. On the way there where also Sperm whales, a group of 8 whales, and Pilot whales. Still a lot of action around Andenes :)

The Orcas are still around Andenes (today and two days ago) and also the Sperm whales are always around. The winter season still continues, with hopefully more Orca sightings :)

21.1.2018 was one of these days at sea that left us astonished. We spotted a group of 3 humpback whales and one even breached :) #seasafariandenes #norwegianorcasurvey #whalewatching #humpbackwhale #visitnorway #visitlofoten #visitvesterålen #naturephotography #nopalmtrees #silentocean

21.1.18 Was, so far, the day with most species. In clear weather and calm seas we spotted breaching Humpback whales, Orcas, Pilot whales and, from the lighthouse, Sperm whales. Orcas have been seen almost every day in January and it seems they will be here for a while. Fingers crossed :)

Amazing encounter today, we are now 16 days on sea and we had 15 days the orcas. We hope and expect more to come the next weeks from the north. We also have a lot of white tailed eagles around in the harbor and seals Together with Norwegian Orca Survey we try to make ID pictures as much as possible. Eve Jourdain will give a lecture about the Norwegian Orcas in our Brygga at sunday afternoon at 1800, you are welcome to come to this very interesting presentation of her. We hope and expect more to come the next weeks from the north. We also have a lot of white tailed eagles around in the harbor and seals. Book our trip direct on our website , or use the booking button on facebook, or call us +47 91674960

White tailed eagles are always spottet during our trips. #birding #naturephotography #visitnorway #instatrips #visitvesterålen #visitlofoten