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Minderbroedersberg 4-6, Maastricht, Netherlands
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Based in Europe, focused on the world. Maastricht University is a stimulating environment. Where research and teaching are complementary. Where innovation is our focus. Where talent can flourish. A truly student oriented research university. Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands and one of the best young universities in the world. Located in the heart of Europe, the university stands out for its international character, innovative education model and multidisciplinary approach to research and education.

At UM, we work with the cooperative education model called Problem-Based Learning (PBL) that provides a small-scale and personal approach where knowledge is born in discussions that go beyond simple memorisation and a shallow understanding of concepts. Research in UM is inspired by topical issues such as sustainability, European integration, healthy ageing and the influence of technological developments on society. We believe that education should be centred on you, the student. And to us, you're not one of many students filling a seat in a crowded lecture hall. Instead, you're a contributing member of our academic community.

To study in Maastricht is to study with an international perspective. When compared to other universities in the Netherlands and its surrounding countries, Maastricht University has the highest ratio of international students, representing all corners of the globe. Almost half of our students and one third of our academic staff come from abroad, together representing over 100 different nationalities. This international flavour is infused into every aspect of our education and student life.


"From the shooting of JFK, 9/11, the death of Osama Bin Laden to recent terrorist attacks of ISIS – conspiracy theories are no longer a marginal phenomenon and have become part of mainstream society." Tonight, Studium Generale, Maastricht University hosts Prof. Stef Aupers, Professor of Media Culture, Un. of Leuven, for a lecture about conspiracy theories!

Do you think it is difficult to combine your study, work and social life with sport and being active? Then “Move more, feel better” might be your chance to start moving together with other students on your own level. As a part of the Active Campus Europe (ACE) project, it is an eight-week movement programme that will take place from 8 October until 1 December. Activities are designed exclusively for this project and take place in and around the University Sports Centre in small group sessions with personal guidance. For more information, visit the open information session at the University Sports Centre (in one of the study rooms): - Monday 25 September, 18:00 – 19:00h - Tuesday 26 September, 19:00 – 20:00h - Wednesday 27 September, 20:30-21:30h Or send an e-mail to

Arrived in Maastricht a few weeks ago and still figuring things out? Fear not, for Breaking Maas has got you covered!

One of the goals of the university is to connect students with local businesses. A good example of this is Challenge-X. Organized by the Service Science Factory, in collaboration with Jules Maastricht, Challenge-X offers students the opportunity to answer fundamental short questions asked by businesses, and win prizes in the process!

The Connect Festival starts today! It is a week-long FREE festival celebrating the power to bring people together. Building bridges for and with people through inspiring, entertaining and informative events, that's what connect festival is about. A week of workshops, concerts, lectures, documentary screenings, dancing, poetry and so much more. Get connected!

As you all know, the island of St. Maarten has been hit by Hurricane #Irma. Some of our students have decided to contribute to the relief effort and we fully support them. St. Maarten Relief Campaign is trying to collect as many donations in order to support those affected by the natural disaster. These donations will then be sorted by a larger organization operating under the name "Make St. Maarten Great Again". If you want to help, you can donate items at the Tapijn Learning Spaces today and tomorrow from 12:00 until 20:00

What do our students think of our impact on the world?

Have you seen the double rainbow?! #MaastrichtUniversity #Maastricht #Rainbow #doublerainbow

Mark Post, Professor of Physiology at UM, was featured by The Economist for his work on lab-grown meat! What do you think? Would you eat lab-grown meat?

Thanks to a subsidy of almost one million euros from the Netherlands Heart Foundation, Prof. dr. Paul Volders and his fellow researcher Dr. Matthijs Cluitmans will be able to expand their research into a specific cardiac arrhythmia disorder, known as ventricular fibrillation. The two cardiologists are hoping that a new technique called electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI) as well as hundreds of patients will help them identify the causes of this type of arrhythmia.

Because nobody wants to search aimlessly for a book! Look at this video to know how to find the books you're looking for!

The European spirit is definitely present in Maastricht!


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