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Dispensational Gospel Mission, Modena-Italy

via maria regina pedena sud,11, Modena, Italy
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Dispensational Gospel Mission is a Church founded in the early 80's in Nigeria by Archbishop Peter Okuduwa, with the mandate to preach the gospel. The Church was founded in Nigeria in the early 1980's and later spread to other West African countries including Ghana. In Ghana branches can be found in the eastern, western, northern and the greater Accra regions. In Europe, it can currently be found in Italy.


Happy New Year to you all out there. May you experience the MANIFEST PRESENCE OF GOD IN 2018, that PRESENCE which can change things around you for GOOD. BUON ANNO.

Thank God we are in the month of December. We've come this far by GRACE.

Hello dear friends, want to remind you all that God is good. Stay blessed.

The duty of a Christian is to preach about Jesus to somebody.

The place of strength and the place of victory is the place of consecration to God.

Good did it again in this years' Missions Conference. May He richly bless all those who came.

Next Saturday is the D-DAY.


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